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Third Parties Can’t Get You More Money for VW Claims

Claims processing is underway for eligible VW owners and lessees as part of the VW 2.0 liter vehicle emissions settlements. If the court approves the proposed 3.0 liter settlement, claims processing for the 3.0 liter vehicle emissions settlements may begin soon. Through these settlements, consumers will have billions of dollars returned to them. 

To take advantage of this, third parties claiming to be “claims processing services” have contacted people with misleading – or false – information about the settlement. They suggest they can get more money or other terms that are more favorable if people pay them to handle their claim(s). This is not true. Settlement amounts are determined by a court; no one else can get you a better deal. The court also approves the documentation you need to complete; no “claims processing service” can change it. 

It’s likely you will not get your money’s worth from anyone offering to handle your claim. What’s more, you may wind up spending a lot of money going through these services.  Some charge thousands of dollars for what you can do for free. 

The VW claims process does not require any third-party processing service, and you can easily do it yourself by going directly to to submit your claim.  And if a third-party comes along promising you a better deal, report it to the FTC.

This article by the FTC was distributed by the Personal Finance Syndication Network.

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