I’m Upset About the Vodaphone County Court Judgment Against Me


Dear Jon,

1. Pay as you go monthly account with Vodafone
2. I moved out of UK in April 2015, however I paid till June 2015
3. I never had intention to ”not pay’ the amount hence i was the one chasing Vodafone for the way i can clear it off from india and i have a transcript of the chat which clearly mentioned the date, issues i am facing using my indian card on their website and so on
4. Vodafone did give me contact number for the same but it didn’t work out
5. When i recently chased Vodafone, they told me the case has been transferred to Lowell
6. I contacted Lowell to settle the debt in one go, but however they told me they went to ccj and balance is 271 gbp which was 161.85 originally
7. I checked my outstanding with Vodafone which is still 161.85 gbp to this date

Please note, i did not received any communication either from Vodafone or lowell regarding follow up of debt as well as ccj proceedings, they might have sent the letters to last known address but i don’t understand whats the point sending those letters to address when i clearly told Vodafone that i no longer live in the country. Lowell always had my registerd email address, they could have approached me through email too and avoided this situation.

Time line
1. Last correspondence from Vodafone interms of online bill 05/03/2016
2. Me contacting Vodafone for pay the amount 161.85 gbp, 23/09/2016
3. Me contacting Vodafone through call on given numbers 03/09/2016, it didn’t connect from my India number and got pending
4. Me contacting Vodafone to pay the bill (again) 03/09/2018
5. Me contacting lowell to clear of debt of 161.85 gbo 03/09/2018 through email as well as call
6. Providing lowell the details they need, 19/09/2018 through email
7. Lowell reply to confirm amount of 161.85 plus 109.15 procedure fee

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My question is simple, i always wanted to pay the remaining bill, and informed the Vodafone regarding the same and that i moved out from the UK.

Then why Lowell did not put efforts to contact me through registered email the Vodafone had, they have all other information such as, last known address, birth date, birth town etc. Why they went to CCJ on 12 Feb 2018 without notifying me through email? I was and i am always willing to pay the 161.85, but i will not pay procedural fee of 109.15, will they force me to pay procedural fee? I know ccj can not be enforced in India but I don’t want that guilt all over my life that i owe money to someone, on the other hand, i want to pay the bill but don’t want to get robbed either.

I have mailed them regarding waiving off the procedural fee so we can settle it asap. Also i have asked for the judgement as well as citation of the same.




I understand your situation, and what you are asking, however, many of the questions regarding Lowell or Vodaphone, I cannot answer as I would have no idea why they handled the matter as they have.

A few thoughts:

Have you tried Vodaphone again to pay them directly? They may be more receptive to payment. If they have completely sold the account, then they may not be able to accept payment.

Are you sure a CCJ has been registered? You may wish to get as much information on this as possible. If Lowell did obtain a CCJ, they should have details of this, court date, time, etc.

You can continue your efforts to settle the account, in time they should become more receptive to getting what money they can. If they do have a CCJ, they cannot enforce it outside of the UK, and even if you were in the UK, then it will cost them more money.

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Last consider this, do you want to be right, or do you want to succeed in resolving this. If you can afford the entire amount they are asking, and you are assured the account will then be closed,pay the amount and be done with it. The matter will then be closed, and you can turn your energies elsewhere.

I hope this helps in some way.




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3 thoughts on “I’m Upset About the Vodaphone County Court Judgment Against Me”

      • Thanks for your guidance Jon,

        I don’t know whether CCJ has been obtained or not but i have asked for the judgement, i am waiting for their reply.

        One more thing, extra 109 GBP is almost 10900 Indian Rupee, its almost a 1/2 of my salary, if I was in UK i would have considered paying all in one go but its difficult in Indian currency. I hope you understand my situation. So 261 is 26000 INR which is more than my month’s salary.

        Secondly, i have recorded each communication with Vodafone for further reference even If CCJ want it to verify. Now, ever since I have asked for CCJ judgement, I could not see my account on Lowell solicitors portal which was there couple of days back before I demand CCJ judgement, however i could see the account now on Lowell Portfolio, so I am confused and under convlconcl that these people are lieing and have no proof.

        Could you please also comment on the same?



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