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American Education Services Student Loans with a Debt Collection Agency

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Question “I cosigned a student loan for my daughter with American Education Services, and she thought it was deferred until she graduated. Which just happened last year fall semester. I have been getting calls from MRS Associates saying the original creditor won’t deal with her or myself and it HAS to be handled by him. He is demanding a full ... Read More »

    My Granddaughter Left College Just Months Before Finishing. I Cosigned.

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    Question: Dear Steve, I cosigned on student loans for my granddaughter. She left school months before graduating and has little or no income-she is living on her own and is not willing to communicate on a regular basis. She has student loans with both Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo. I know she has no regular job and most likely is ... Read More »

      Should I Consider Filing Bankruptcy After My Divorce?

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      Question: Dear Steve, I just went through a terrible divorce and now have a terrible debt situation and I don’t know where to begin to get out from under this. My next step feels like its bankruptcy but Im not sure. I own a fitness business and nothing else. What should I begin to do to get my life in ... Read More »

        I Am Risking My Life to Help My Sick Husband

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        Question: Dear Steve, I started a GoFundMe page, not only to raise money, but to raise awareness so that my husband could get in the radar to receive a kidney sooner as opposed to later. We are living off of fumes. I have always been the primary breadwinner but became disabled 6 years ago. I am keeping us barely alive ... Read More »

          I’ve Been Sued Over My Navient Student Loan. Can I Settle It?

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          Question: Dear Steve, I defaulted on my Private Student loans around 5 years ago. I took $20K for my first year and $25K for my second year of my Masters degree in Music for a total of $45K. According to Navient’s website I currently owe $95K+ at a 7.25% interest rate. They have sued me since I never made payments ... Read More »

            Which Debt Relief Service is Not a Scam?

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            Question: Dear Steve, I have between $15-20,000 in credit card debt. Creditors are NOT harassing me, as I make my payments, but many are minimum. My credit score is in the high 600’s, which isn’t terrible, but could be better. I would love to get out from under the debt. I get MANY letters about reducing my debt, but never ... Read More »

              Avid Reader Needs Loan Help. Or Does He?


              Question: Dear Steve, I’m an avid faithful reader of your newsletter. Ok…….HELP !!!!!!! I am about $40,000 in debt. All I “think” I need is one ” loan” one “payment”. Problem , I can’t get just one loan when asking for an amount to cover this debt. Any suggestions , advice? In the past , I had an account with ... Read More »

                We Were Told Bankruptcy is the Best Option for Us

                Blue Sky

                Question: Dear Steve, We are in about 90 thousand in debt I am 59 my husband 67 he is on SSI and VA income I am the only one working. I been told that bankruptcy is the best for us what do you think. We have a home homesteaded in Florida and one vehicle financed. maybe about 6-7 thousand in ... Read More »

                  Navient is Reporting Me Late Even Though I’m Repaying My Loans


                  Question: Dear Steve, I have about $100,000 in private student loans with Navient (formerly Sallie Mae) I was not able to pay on the the loans and the account went into default after about 7 months of missed payments. In March 2015, Navient offered me monthly payments of $250 at the interest rate of .001% until the balance was paid ... Read More »

                    I’m So In Debt Because of Harrison College I Need Help


                    Question: Dear Steve, Married, mother of 2, 34 years old. Recent graduate of Harrison College via online courses. Upon enrollment at Harrison, I was given the impression that all fees were on par with other area schools which was absolutely inaccurate. I was also never told of the limitations on loans for a bachelor degree, and had to quit before ... Read More »

                      Will I Be Able to Get a Passport With Student Loan Debt?

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                      Question: Dear Steve, I co-signed a federal guaranteed student loan for my son over 15 years ago. Just found out he has not paid a dime on it , now they are coming after me for it.I am going to pay this off, but it will take me some time. Can the government stop me from getting my passport or ... Read More »

                        How Can I Avoid My Federal Student Loan Wage Garnishment?

                        Wage Garnishment Concept

                        Question: Dear Steve, I am 26 with a daughter and a wife and a LOT of student loan debt. I have been paying my private loans on time and am up to date there but until just recently, I was unaware I had a federal loan in default that I was not paying. I failed to make a payment plan ... Read More »

                          Did My Bankruptcy Attorney Make a Mistake by Not Getting My Student Loans Discharged?

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                          Question: Dear Steve, I was laid off 11/3/2008 with 2 kids in college and the sole financial provider for 3 kids and my wife. I paid every bill on time through June of 2011 despite being out of work the 1st time for 17 months. I filed chapter 7 in July of 2011. I survived by using my retirement accounts ... Read More »

                            I Don’t Think My Student Loan Company Can Prove They Own My Debt

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                            Question: Dear Steve, I have a student loan that the original creditor who was education finance partners went into bankruptcy and I have been paying my payment to ACS-Specialized servicing company which claims they are servicing the loan for Loan Science LLC. I have asked them to provide me proof that they are the owner of my loan and that ... Read More »

                              How Can I Get My Federal Student Loan History?

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                              Question: Dear Steve, All government loans taken out in 1980s. Owed about $30k at graduation. paid off about $20 then went into default. did not hear from them for many years. then in early 2000s recontact and I ended up consolidating now amount of about $60k. I want to check the accounting and get some hopefully knocked out and settle ... Read More »

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