Action Financial Services – Company Review – August 6, 2020

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Somehow my student loans got to FEDLOAN and they were originally $5k and $7k, then it went to https://myeddebt.ed.gov/ and its over $35k.

No matter what payment I send in, it never changes and continues to get higher and higher. Action Financial Services is now saying they’re handling the student loan default, and I could rehabilitate my loan.

Once they looked over my w2, they said my monthly payments would be $425/mo, and after 9mo of on-time payments, I would be out of default.

After my paycheck hit I called them back to make the 1st payment and they said the new monthly payments would be $718/mo. I told them there’s no way we could afford that and live/survive, especially with 5 kids.

They couldn’t tell me why the payment pretty much doubled, but I could pay what I could, or pay it all in full.

Now on the https://myeddebt.ed.gov/ when I logon it’s expecting a $718/mo payment.

Now I’m going to default again and get in a worse position. I’ve tried reaching out to FedLoan and MyEDDEBT and they all say only Action Financial (https://www.actionfinancialservices.net/) can talk/help me, and that’s going nowhere but destroying my credit and living situations and other obligations monthly.

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Date You First Used This Company: January 1,2020

Race/Ethnicity: White

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Age Range: 21-35

Company Name: Action Financial Services


PO Box 3250

Phone Number: 888-253-4239

Web Site of Company: actionfinancialservices.net

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