Litigation Practice Group – Consumer Complaint – April 25, 2022

Consumer Statement: After enrolling in Litigation Practice Group for their “debt relief” assistance, the company incorrectly withdrew $480 out of my checking account on April 8, 2022. I immediately contacted them upon noticing this error. As a single mom, in between jobs, this amount of money is very critical to me. On April 8th, a … Read more

Direct Relations – Consumer Complaint – February 25, 2022

Consumer Statement: Crystal from direct relations financial company (866-598-9488) called and claimed they would consolidate 2 of my credit cards (mercury and capital one) onto a new 0 percent interest Citibank Master card. On 11/22/21 I received a text telling me to activate the Citibank card, but I had never received the card or any … Read more

National Student Servicing / Student Loan Care – Consumer Complaint – February 15, 2022

Consumer Statement: Re: National Student Servicing Contract # FAFSA Case# I am writing to seek assistance in getting reimbursement and prevent this company from damaging my credit. This company is running a student loan forgiveness scam, the company in question has several business names, the two names that the company is associated with is National … Read more

Elite Financial Solutions – Consumer Complaint – January 24, 2022

Consumer Statement: As advertised, Elite Financial was supposed to negotiate with my creditors; come up with a reasonable settlement amount; present it to me for acceptance or renegotiation, and then payment from my escrow account funds. Never happened. They always told me over the years I was in the program, that they were in contact … Read more

Placencia Healthcare System – Consumer Complaint January 11, 2022

Consumer Statement: We went to a presentation by Mr. Richard Chrysler who informed us of this Placencia Health Care System. He wanted us to invest and would payback in 5 years the investment with 12% compounded interest or we could keep shares in the company. It’s now 7 years and all the money is gone … Read more

Placencia Healthcare System – Consumer Complaint – January 10, 2022

Consumer Statement: We were introduced to former Congressman Richard Chrysler and his friend Forrest Bledsoe. Chrysler is also a neighbor and had this great opportunity, to invest in the Placencia International Airport here in Belize ( See Marco Caruso) he reassured us that the airport was a great investment and that he had invested with … Read more

Cryptonits and Dualmine – Consumer Complaint – December 3, 2021

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: I feel frustrated and robbed Consumer Action Taken: I messaged them many times saying I want to withdraw my money but they replied saying that I don’t have the minimum withdrawal amount. Which is bigger every time Date This Problem Happened: December 1, 2021 State You Live in: Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 21-35 … Read more

Mega Millions – Win Star Commission – Consumer Complaint – November 4, 2021

Consumer Statement: James miller claim I won (2800,0000.00 USD), I called this phone# I was given 1888-532-1009 and gave access code 0479 it is statement that 2800,0000.00 dollars is in an account in my name Johnie Mae Jackson pending until I pay or give them 8500 dollars for an affidavit stamp of approval before this … Read more

Litigation Practice Group / Coast Processing – Consumer Complaint – October 29, 2021

Consumer Statement: I joined Litigation Practice Group / Coast Processing they take 306 dollars a month from me, they did help me get a local lawyer, but since then have done nothing I can never reach them, I tried to cancel my membership but they keep saying they will get back to me while w/d … Read more

Student Loan Repair Center – Consumer Complaint – October 21, 2021

Consumer Statement: Attached are your financial disclosure and 3rd party authorization so we can begin work. Please sign and date each doc with an ink pen. Do not sign electronically. Here’s exactly what we need: On attachment FinDisc-ToSign.pdf – sign/date page 2 On attachment DOE3rd-ToSign – sign/date page 1 Please scan/email OR fax back to … Read more