I Had to Leave Dubai With Debt and Need Help


Good morning,

I’m not sure if you can help as this is Dubai, UAE specific.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was left in a very difficult and desperate situation which resulted in me having to leave Dubai with an outstanding debt of 90 K AED debt. I tried to liaise with the bank for months to repay but they were not understanding to say the least and unprofessional. This resulted in a break down in contact for the last 3 years.

I know I have a case registered against me which shows against my passport number regarding this.

I have been offered a new position in Abu Dhabi and wish to return.

I, unfortunately, do not have the funds to clear the full balance and happy to pay a fine or maybe come to an arrangement to clear the debt but know how u cooperative the banks can be there. I would like to know if I will receive a custodial sentence or be held until the debt is cleared which would prevent me from starting the new role?

Many thanks




I understand your questions and concerns and will attempt to address them to the best of my knowledge, and experience we have in advising on such matters.

A few quick questions:

What country are you currently residing in?

What contact or communication did you have over the years with the bank in the UAE?

How do you know a case has been “registered against me which shows against my passport number”?

Unfortunately, banks in the UAE are very antiquated in their practices, and not being very consumer-friendly, do seek out warrants for those account holders that owe money and do not pay. The banks are also not open to negotiations or payment arrangements.

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If you know for fact a case has been filed or a warrant issued against you, returning to Dubai or UAE is not advisable until you have a 100% guarantee that you will not be detained, arrested, passport confiscated and possibly jailed.

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In seeking a guarantee of being able to enter the country, one must keep in mind that as you stated the bank was “not understanding and unprofessional”. Not a good environment to enter back into, especially as you could be held and your case handled according to the laws there. Which again, are not consumer-friendly.

My advice would be if you cannot pay the account in full, tread lightly on deciding to return. Do some research and get legal advice there prior to making the decision to return.

Get back to me by posting in the comments section below and we can look more into this, and also if you seek other advice on what you find out.



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