Elite Document Management Solutions – Company Review – October 5, 2020

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Elite Document Management



This company is not document prep, they are debt validation and debt settlement. The customer pays towards upfront fees and the debt company allows the debt to go 6 months behind and into collection agencies, then they dispute the debt and try to get the creditor/collector to prove they have the right to collect on the debt.

In most cases the creditor proves the debt valid. When the validation portion doesn’t work, they roll the customer over into a debt settlement program but by then you have paid illegal upfront fees of 31% or more of your debt.

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Scam company operating illegally in many states without licensing and pretend to be

Date You First Used This Company: December 1, 2019

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

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Age Range: 21-35

Company Name: Elite DMS


4203 Genesee Ave # 406
San Diego, Ca 92117

Phone Number:

Web Site of Company: elitemgtsol.com

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