Start New Financial – Consumer Complaint – July 21, 2021

Consumer Statement:

I joined the Start New Financial debt relief program last year. Paid a total of over $6000. Then in June, the debtor contacted me directly to settle for significantly less.

I called Start New to ask if I’ll be refunded ALL of the money I’ve paid into the program if I canceled it and they said yes if I cancel by June 25.

So I called back before June 25 and canceled. The rep told me I’ll be issued a refund for ALL $6000 within 10 days and that I’ll receive a text to confirm that I want to cancel.

I received that text on June 29 and confirmed. Then I received a check for $5. That’s right, $5!

I called them on July 19 to ask about the check for $6000 and told Kim I received a check for $5.

She said that’s an error from the bank holding the escrow account and that she’ll email them to release the full $6000. When I didn’t get a callback, I called on July 20.

Shay told me the problem was Start New never notified the bank holding the escrow to release the full $6000. When I asked how did this happen, she said they make mistakes.

I insisted on a call back that same day to confirm this error has been corrected. So she called back about an hour later and said what she said earlier was wrong and that the $5 check I received is the only refund I’ll be receiving.

I was livid! Add there’s no supervisor to take a look at this. So here I am on July 21 waiting on a call back from a supervisor to call me back. I’ve been told 3 different things and given the runaround.

So yep, that’s my experience

Consumer Action Taken:

I called multiple times and told different things each time. There is never a supervisor available.

Date This Problem Happened: July 19, 2021

State You Live in: Texas

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Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Start New Financial

Company Address:

5366 Plainfield Ave NE suite B
Grand Rapids , MI 49525
United States

Company Telephone Number: 800-320-9083

Website of Company:

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4 thoughts on “Start New Financial – Consumer Complaint – July 21, 2021”

  1. Christine,

    When you cancelled your account on June 29th you were in an active settlement at that time for your Chase account ending in 6444. The first payment on your Chase settlement in the amount of $1,128.28 was already mailed in prior to you cancelling your account. Unfortunately, we cannot get back monies paid to creditors. Everything else in your account was refunded back to you, and your Chase settlement payment will be applied to the balance if you don’t continue with the settlement. If you would like to pay off the settlement that was negotiated you can mail the remaining 11 payments to Chase ($1,126) July 2021-May 2022) to 201 N Walnut St Suite DE1 0153, Wilmington Delaware 19801. Once the remaining 11 payments are made you will have a $0 balance on the account. If you would like help facilitating the remaining settlement payments we are happy to help.

    Thank you,
    Start New Financial


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