Lakeview Law Group – Consumer Complaint – October 23, 2023

Describe How You Feel You Were Scammed

I was purposefully misled during my interactions with Lakeview Law Group. I specifically asked three different times if this was a debt settlement program and was assured it was not and didn’t work like that. When the notary arrived to have me sign the contract, i read it and got nervous again. Called and spoke with the company and was assured again that is not how it works. 29 days in, i called to check on status after hearing nothing. Was told they had contacted one creditor regarding an offer, but the other three would not be contacted until i had more money in the escrow account. Red Flags! The only difference between this company and a settlement company, is that they send a POA to your creditors to let them know you are working with them. I was under the impression this was a debt management program. That they would set up agreements with the creditors prior to me paying and it would all be approved before i ever missed a payment. I was told that the day I signed, the POAs would go out and negotiations would begin. This was also a lie.

Describe How You Tried to Resolve the Problem With the Company

I contacted the company and was told that the things i was told were incorrect and they would be descussing this with the person i spoke to. I have been told several different things, by several different people. I was told yesterday that my refund woudl be processed and my creditors would be notified yesterday that i was not longer working with Lakeview. I called today as i hadn’t received an email that was promised to me regarding all of that information. Am now being told that everything is being processed today and i should receive an email today. Notification will take place today, not yesterday. And they are closed onthe weekends. So if it doesn’t happen today, it will be Monday before i am even aware they haven’t cancelled my account. I was promised a return of everything but 200. I had only made one payment before i got nervous and started digging deeper. Even though they are promising to cancel and refund most of my money, they are a predatory company. They take advantage of people who feel they have no other choice and tell them anything they want to hear to get their money. Fees are 22% of every transaction, plus a $10 fee. They do not work with the creditors immediately, aside from sending them a notice that you are working with the company. So late fees, interest, etc will still build up. All the while, they charge you exorbitant amounts of money to not even communicate with your creditors.

Date This Problem Happened – Thursday, October 19, 2023

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Race/Ethnicity – White

Age Range – 36-50

Advanced Fee Paid – Yes

Total Amount of Fee Paid – 525.41

Company Name or Individual Name – Lakeview Law Group

Company Address
463 Seventh Ave 21st Floor
New York, New York 10018
United States

Toll Free Phone Number – 1-888-525-3477
Web Site of Company – lakeviewlawgroup.com

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