Pay Less In The Office (Home, Small Business, Organization)

I ran into a few websites today that will help save you money in the office. Whether you have a home office, small business or organization these tips will come in handy!

This first tip can be beneficial to anyone, regardless if you’re trying to finance an office or not. What’s the most important part of the office? Desks? No. Chairs? No. Telephones? No! Coffee? YES!

If you visit Starbucks on a regular basis did you know you can save 10 cents on any Starbucks beverage at anytime if you bring in a reusable travel mug? That’s right! I know 10 cents isn’t a huge discount, but it’s something, and we all know that Starbucks charges an arm and a leg for coffee. This past Earth Day if you brought in a reusable travel mug they actually gave a free cup of their regular coffee (no specialty drinks)! See below their 10 cent promise from their website.

Printer.com allows you to find and compare costs of printers. You have the option to search for a home printer, one you will use in a small business or in an organization.

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The picture below features a printer search for a small business with 2-3 users and a very light printing routine. You’ll see the average price for a printer is listed along with the cartridge costs. By including the cost os the ink you’ll be able to realistically look at what a printer will cost you.

You can also search for deals on cartridges to find better deals across the internet. While I find the printer search tool impressive I feel the cartridge search needs more options of retailers to buy from. An alternative to this search might be to search of Google Shopping to find the best deals across the net.

Printer.com even put out a study that showed you can save ink by switching fonts. For example switching the Century Gothic, Times New Roman, Calibri or Verdana results in a lighter and thinner fount yielding a percentage less of ink used.

PriceProtectr.com is an intriguing site where you can schedule to be notified of alerts and deals on products you are shopping for. Right now there are 158 stores that are supported in the database so it does need some expansion but the

The picture above shows a search for an iMac off of BestBuy.com. With PriceProtectr I can either mark the date and price I paid for the item to be notified it if drops in the upcoming few weeks (some stores will do a price adjustment as part of their price guarantee program if an item drops in price shortly after a purchase), a target price you’d like to pay and then be notified about if it reaches that price, or a price watch where you can watch the fluctuations (if any) in price for up to 90 days.

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BillShrink.com allows you to compare and contrast between credit cards, gas prices, savings accounts, television and wireless services. The big thing I’d like to talk about here is the wireless service search feature the site offers. A lot of small business owners can benefit with this site because a lot of business calls are most like made on your mobile phone. You can manually input your plan’s details or upload your last bill to compare other plans and providers to make sure you’re getting the best deal out of the plan you use.

TurningArt.com takes decorating your office to an entirely new level. If you work for a big company and like to keep the office’s walls filled with new and upcoming artwork TurningArt.com may help save you some money. TurningArt is like the Netflix of the art world, allowing you to add works of art to a queue and rotating the works based on a schedule.

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What are some things in your office you need help saving money on? Leave a tip and I’ll help you find a solution!

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