Online Shopping: Did You Know Different Days Often Yield Different Savings??

Today I stumbled upon a fascinating tip I had never heard of before in regards to saving money. Apparently, there are better days than others to shop online.

I was under the impression that Black Friday was the best day to find online deals. Period. But apparently, as shown by ShopItToMe.com some days yield higher savings and discounts on items than others.

Farnoosh Torabi from CBS MoneyWatch.com originally covered and put out this list of the best days to find deals after ShopItToMe reviewed the sales data from June 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010 to compile an updated list.

For Women:

  • Monday: Save an average 42 percent on outerwear. Also, save an average 40 percent on handbags and purses.
  • Tuesday: Save an average 46 percent on swimwear.
  • Wednesday: Save an average 43 percent on footwear and shoes.
  • Thursday: Save an average 55 percent on dress shirts.
  • Friday: Save an average 42 percent on casual t-shirts and tank tops. Also, an average 40 percent off on handbags and purses.
  • Sunday: Save an average of 43 percent on dresses and 55 percent on dress pants..

For Men:

  • Mondays: Save an average of 46 percent on athletic shirts and t-shirts for an average of 42 percent off.
  • Tuesdays: Save an average of 41 percent on accessories.
  • Saturdays: An average 43 percent off casual pants and 46 percent off swimmer.
  • Sundays: Save an average of 47 percent on dress pants.

For Boys:

  • Saturdays: Find an average savings of 37 percent on boys’ clothing.

    For Girls’:

    • Wednesdays: Save an average 40 percent on casual shirts.
    • Sundays: Best day overall for girls’ clothing with an average 39 percent off.

    According to Torabi, ShopItToMe.Com ran a survey for her of over around 200 online stores and around 700 brands to compile this data. Obviously, this is not a sure thing – do not expect to find your favorite shirt or pair of pants on sale on the specific day of the week listed above just because, however, this is a great tool for keeping an eye out on certain days on items.

    If you’re interested in staying up to date with your favorite brands’ sales join ShopItToMe for free, create an account and stay updated!

    Farnoosh Taorabi’s original articles can be found here and here.

    Have you seen any patterns in online sales such as these? Leave a comment below!

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