McDonald’s Manager Selling Stolen US Citizen Identities To Employees

A former manager of a McDonald’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia was sentenced last month to 32 months in prison for her role in a scheme to sell the stolen identities of United States citizens to employees within the McDonald’s restaurant chain.


The former McDonald’s manager, Eva Ramos’, guilty plea and sentencing hearings revealed that Ramos, with the assistance of others, knowingly provided the identities of United States citizens to illegal aliens applying for work at Savannah area McDonald’s restaurants. Ramos sold some of the identities for a profit.

In addition to Ramos’ 32 month sentence she has also been ordered to pay a fine of $1,5000 and has to serve 3 years supervised release.

United States Attorney Edward J. Tarver said, “Our office will work with our federal partners to protect unknowing United States citizens against identity theft which is a rapidly growing problem across our country. Victims of identity fraud suffer a great deal and the effects of such fraud can be long-lasting.” – Source.

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