Deceptive Credit Repair Operation that Filed Fake Identity Theft Complaints is Stopped

Facing Foreclosure? Be Stupid and Burn The House Down Instead.

The Federal Trade Commission obtained an order halting a credit repair scheme that allegedly bilked consumers out of millions of dollars by falsely claiming they will remove negative information from credit reports, while also filing fake identity theft reports to explain negative items on customers’ credit reports. At the request of the FTC and the … Read more

Starting Today, New Law Allows Consumers to Place Free Credit Freezes And Yearlong Fraud Alerts

Starting today, consumers who are concerned about identity theft or data breaches can freeze their credit and place one-year fraud alerts for free. Under the new Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, consumers in some states – those who previously had to pay fees to freeze their credit – will no longer have … Read more

“Dumbass Kentuckian” Sells Handgun to Pay for Bankruptcy Over Student Loan Mistake

Robert Morel, a man from Kentucky, was entirely frustrated when he was pursued for years over a student loan he never took out for truck driving school he never attended. By the time Morel was having his wages garnished and tax refunds intercepted he was extremely pissed off and frustrated. Who wouldn’t be? The Courier … Read more

Student Loan Financial Aid FAFSA-IRS Data Breach

I had previously reported a curious statement by the Department of Education and the suspension of the online Data Retrieval Tool when applying for student loan financial aid using the online FAFSA form. At the time the concern was the “issue” was “relatively isolated,” but a Washington Post report says 100,000 people are impacted. The … Read more

I Took Out Student Loans Fraudulently and Want Them Forgiven

Question: Dear Steve, I applied for and signed my children’s names to their private student loans. They each have loans in the six figures. The private loans was on their school website, right next to the federal loans. My husband and I believed we could pay them off and then the financial crisis hit. I … Read more

Should I Tell My Mom I Took Out Student Loans in Her Name? – Lisa

Question: Dear Steve, Recent grad. Loans are coming up. Consolidated my loans, and mom doesn’t know I took out loans in her name (13,000). Need help figure out which plan is best to repay hers so that she won’t find out and possibly kill, sue, or stab me. Have a few questions on what am … Read more