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Consumer Recovery Network


Michael Bovee – CRN President

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Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

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We provide detailed information to those struggling with debt. The comprehensive upfront debt and credit education is supplemented with ongoing information delivered throughout our subscribers experience, and further enhanced by the ability to work one on one with a professional debt and credit coach.

We provide training and support to the debt relief services industry. We are accessible to market participants who are committed to developing their brand and focused on the success of their clients through the delivery of comprehensive instruction on an as needed and ongoing basis.

Limited by the geographic location of our subscribers, we do provide some direct debt negotiation services to our active members.

What Makes Us Special

CRN is unique in the debt relief market place for many reasons. Here are some of the attributes that we believe place us in a special category:

Our education is designed to assist our members with making good debt relief decisions based on each members unique set of circumstances. Rather than “canned” and “one size fits all” solutions found throughout the market place for bankruptcy alternatives, our approach allows our members to be flexible and creative during their debt relief journey.

Through education and information we empower our members to be part of their own success. What this translates into is lower costs and more affordable solutions. When our members save money on professional fees they can better manage their cash flow and monthly budget; reduce the time it takes to get clear of problem debts; better manage and prepare for future credit goals; and in different instances achieve better and more meaningful results than can be achieved through third party intervention.

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At the time of this writing CRN is the only company providing complete DIY debt settlement education with ongoing support combined with access to attorney directed full service negotiations and settlement where the fees are capped at 15% of savings and paid strictly on a contingency.

CRN provides a unique social network experience through its subscriber forum where our members can interact with and assist each other as they navigate their way through the debt relief process.

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

Our Philosophy in Assisting People

Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason, with the right people.

This is CRN’s basic philosophy and drives how we do business. It is reflected in how we provide honest, affordable, and effective tools to the public and the debt relief business community. This attitude is also reflected in the partners we have selected into our network of service providers.

Fee Schedule

At the time of this writing CRN charges:
$99.00 for the foundational education and first month membership.
Full Membership subscribers pay $50.00 per month thereafter.

CRN and its network partners charge fees for direct debt settlement services at the rate of 15% of the savings achieved on your behalf. These fees are not paid until the service is performed.

Other network partners provide direct services to CRN members for a fair rate and a discount where possible.

Client Satisfaction Policy

CRN basic education subscribers are guaranteed to receive value for the $99.00 enrollment costs or your money back. I would say no questions asked, but we will ask you to tell us where we fell short of your expectations so that we can improve ourselves for the benefit of all. You of course get the guarantee and a prompt return of your money whether you participate in the survey or not.

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