My Grandparents Cosigned for My Sallie Mae Loan and Keep Getting Hassled

Grand parents enjoying life

Question: Michael, My grandparents co-signed for me loans thru Sallie Mae. They want large amounts at a time and won’t let me make 150 dollar payments. They have been harassing me and most of my family, checked my grandparent’s bank account and since my loans defaulted recently, now they are threatening to sue. They are …

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Michael Bovee Give Us His Impression Of the Liberty Aid Sales Pitch

I was asked recently what I thought of the product Liberty Aid was promoting. So I turned to Michael Bovee for his opinion. Here is Michael had to say. Back when I first started out in the debt relief industry, there were books, and fringe websites circulating about how “federal reserve notes aren’t money”, or …

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The Collector Said My Debt Was Verified But I Don’t Believe Them. – Alex

“Dear Michael, I sent debt validation demand to debt buyer, they answered that debt was verified therefore they can continue collections. I don’t believe they can show any evidence that they own any debt. They placed derogatory credit reports in all 3 CRA’s. Certainly they violate FDCPA but what can I do about it? If …

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Can I Get Rid of My Student Loans Because of False Certification?

“Dear Michael, I am US citizen with high school diploma obtained from another country of birth in 1969. I enrolled in US College pursuing 4 year degree in 1993. The school did not follow admission procedures and did not test my knowledge of English or gave exams to determine my Ability To Benefit from the …

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Midland Funding Keeps Trying to Collect From Me

“Dear Michael, Midland Funding is trying to collect from me. I don’t know who these people are and never did business with them…but they say I owe them ,and placed a collection on all credit reporting agencies can I have them removed from my reports? they even sent me a letter saying the can collect …

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