My Grandparents Cosigned for My Sallie Mae Loan and Keep Getting Hassled

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Question: Michael, My grandparents co-signed for me loans thru Sallie Mae. They want large amounts at a time and won’t let me make 150 dollar payments. They have been harassing me and most of my family, checked my grandparent’s bank account and since my loans defaulted recently, now they are threatening to sue. They are … Read more

I Have $110K in Debt But I Live Outside the U.S. and Want to Know if I’m Safe?

Question: Dear Michael, I have ~$110k in unpaid credit card debts with various creditors. It’s been ~250 days since I made my last payment. My goal is to settle these debts. I’ve been living and working abroad in a South American country for the past year, and expect to continue living abroad for the next … Read more

Michael Bovee Give Us His Impression Of the Liberty Aid Sales Pitch

I was asked recently what I thought of the product Liberty Aid was promoting. So I turned to Michael Bovee for his opinion. Here is Michael had to say. Back when I first started out in the debt relief industry, there were books, and fringe websites circulating about how “federal reserve notes aren’t money”, or … Read more

How Can I Swap My Student Loan Debt for a Promissory Note Instead?

“Dear Michael, How can I find out which bank has the loan for my student loans? I know that FedLoan Servicing is actually servicing the loan but I would like to know how I can find out which bank/ government office has financed the loan so that I can write them a promissory note. Thank … Read more

The Collector Said My Debt Was Verified But I Don’t Believe Them. – Alex

“Dear Michael, I sent debt validation demand to debt buyer, they answered that debt was verified therefore they can continue collections. I don’t believe they can show any evidence that they own any debt. They placed derogatory credit reports in all 3 CRA’s. Certainly they violate FDCPA but what can I do about it? If … Read more

How Can a Collection Company Change a Medical Debt From My Wife to Joint?

“Dear Michael, I called a collection agency last week to pay off an account I had with them. This week they took 9 of my Wife’s medical bills changed the status from “Personal” to “Joint” and reported this debt as mine. Is this legal 5 years later? Or is it even legal at all? Justin” … Read more

Can I Get Rid of My Student Loans Because of False Certification?

“Dear Michael, I am US citizen with high school diploma obtained from another country of birth in 1969. I enrolled in US College pursuing 4 year degree in 1993. The school did not follow admission procedures and did not test my knowledge of English or gave exams to determine my Ability To Benefit from the … Read more

Midland Funding Keeps Trying to Collect From Me

“Dear Michael, Midland Funding is trying to collect from me. I don’t know who these people are and never did business with them…but they say I owe them ,and placed a collection on all credit reporting agencies can I have them removed from my reports? they even sent me a letter saying the can collect … Read more

I Have Decided to Default on My Private Student Loans

“Dear Michael, I have decided to default on my private student loan. I am prepared to deal with the consequences whatever they are because for a few years now I feel I’ve been just wasting my money. I was wondering though if you could share any insight..: 1. When you default how much percent of … Read more

American Education Services Student Loans with a Debt Collection Agency

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Question “I cosigned a student loan for my daughter with American Education Services, and she thought it was deferred until she graduated. Which just happened last year fall semester. I have been getting calls from MRS Associates saying the original creditor won’t deal with her or myself and it HAS to be handled by him. … Read more

A Video Look Into Student Loan Borrower Defense to Get Loans Forgiven

What happens when you get taken in by a misleading pitch, or a deceptive action leads you to make decisions you would otherwise not have made? You get hurt… probably mad, and even depressed. But what if you were taken for such a ride that your future is screwed for many years to come? What … Read more

Why Won’t the Debt Collector Agree to Remove the Debt From My Credit Report if I Pay?

Question: Dear Michael, I have a collections account with AFNI on my credit report. It is a valid debt that I owe the company they are collecting for. I keep trying to ask them if they would be willing to remove the collection off my credit report after I pay in full. The answer I … Read more