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Delray Beach Bankruptcy AttorneyFor years we have assisted consumers in Delray Beach and across the country to eliminate their specific consumer debt challenges. Very rarely will someone want us to conclude that they must declare bankruptcy. However, quite often when people speak with a bankruptcy attorney to learn how a bankruptcy filing would look with their specific situation, they find that it can actually make a lot of sense.

It is certainly true that there are completely viable alternatives available for families in some situations to avoid going bankrupt. Having said that, as a consumer your main goal really should not be to steer clear of bankruptcy. Your goal should be to try to find a strategy that will make the greatest financial sense for yourself and your family. In order to do that, you must research all of your options, including speaking with an Attorney in Delray Beach Florida.

Maureen Gour is a Great Bankruptcy Attorney In Delray Beach

If you live in Southern Florida and the Delray Beach area specifically, I recommend you contact Maureen Gour at GourLaw.com to get an honest and straight forward consultation about what a bankruptcy filing would look like for you and whether or not it is the best strategy to resolve your financial problems. Ms. Gour has been practicing bankruptcy and family law in South Florida for a decade and offers her clients the personal, one on one attention that you rarely find at the large law firms.

Some of Ms. Gour’s Memberships include:

  • Admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 2002
  • Admitted to the Florida Bar in 2002
  • Admitted to the Federal Bar for the Southern District of Florida in 2006
  • Admitted to United States Tax Court in 2011
  • Member of the Palm Beach County Bar Association
  • Member of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar
  • Member B.P.O.E. Delray Beach, Florida

If you need straight forward answers about your debt and you don’t want to get a sales pitch about bankruptcy, Ms. Gour is a kind, caring, and compassionate attorney that you can count on to point you in the direction of the best solution.

Her contact information is as follows:
55 NE 5th Avenue, Third Floor
Delray Beach, FL 33483
Email – info@gourlaw.com
Fill out my online form.

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The right way to guarantee that you find the best option would be to diligently check out all options, especially bankruptcy. It is very important for you to speak with a qualified personal bankruptcy attorney near Delray Beach. Remember, scheduling a no cost consult with a good Delray Beach bankruptcy lawyer does not mean you are committing to declare bankruptcy. It simply means you are speaking to an expert about looking into a potential financial strategy in detail.

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Meeting With A Delray Bankruptcy Lawyer Is Merely Part Of The Process

It’s tough for families to find truthful information to make the right financial decisions. Everywhere you turn you can find someone just trying to sell a personal debt relief service rather than taking the time to educate you with real information about the true positives and negatives of every option available to you. With the deck so stacked against individuals it is critical for you to explore all of the available alternatives, including personal bankruptcy.

Delray Beach Bankruptcy LawyerMany consumers have a large misconception of what bankruptcy is and consequently exactly how you can be effected in the event that you file. The vast majority of misconception is usually spread by debt help sales reps who are earning money keeping the public fearful towards the prospect of bankruptcy. Try to remember, going bankrupt is essentially the only legally binding option to guarantee that your bills would be wiped out, providing you with a brand new start.

If you meet with a debt relief sales agent who discourages you from meeting with a personal bankruptcy lawyer to research the process, then the person that you’re talking to is more enthusiastic about selling you their particular program than they are in really helping you to find a better solution. Sadly, many of the programs you are going to turn to for assistance in the debt relief services market are going to fit into the classification of attempting to sell you some thing rather than genuinely looking to help you.

This site has had many consumers reach out to us to get advice after they were sold in to debt help plans that had virtually no chance at good results. Had each of these consumers been given reliable guidance right from the start, they could have declared personal bankruptcy, wiped out their credit card debts immediately, saved thousands in service fees, years of frustration and been successfully en route to very good credit ratings and a much more solid financial footing.

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You shouldn’t quickly dismiss personal bankruptcy as being a disastrous or even “to be avoided at all costs” solution until you have taken enough time to explore it just as you would consumer credit counseling, a debt settlement program or any other solution. Always take time to investigate all the solutions. Bankruptcy isn’t inherently good or bad. It is merely a solution with advantages and drawbacks that must be weighed against the positives and negatives of any other option.

Give Maureen Gour in Delray Beach a call and get some real information that you can use to compare against your other potential options. You will come away from that appointment with a couple of thoughts. Either you will find that a number of the details you might have been told concerning consumer bankruptcy were wrong and filing will actually end up being a smart financial decision, or maybe consumer bankruptcy would not make good financial sense and you now know for certain you would like to refrain from filing if possible. Either way, spending 30 to 45 minutes with a licensed Delray Beach bankruptcy attorney can provide the knowledge you need to enable you to make some difficult decisions with far greater confidence than you felt prior.

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