Indigo MasterCard – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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9 thoughts on “Indigo MasterCard – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. Indigo master card is suddenly trying to claim they have an annual fee after they claim they asses any fee before you activate your card this is a bait and switch tactic in mid field to confuse customers and put more funds into the hands of indigo master card and they did not even give me a supervisor to speak with they want two hundred and eighty nine dollars after the one hundred dollars they already too out shame on them I am getting my attorney to look into this fraud!!!

  2. Please read reviews before getting this card. I’ve had this card twice and on my second occasion thought I would be able to be more responsible and keep up with it. This credit card is extremely easy to get but relies solely on consumers not paying their bill on time. Every single time you login you are asked to enroll in overdraft protection for $40 per charge. Late payments, overdraft charges, and selling your debt to a third-party is the only way indigo is set up to make Money, due to their low credit amounts.

    If not a scam it is certainly a trap!

    I got my card and paid the 125 yearly fee plus A large portion of my balance. 15 days later… No credit, though it does show that I made a payment 15 days ago. They’ve already broken their agreement saying it could take up to 14 days to show your credit.

    Spoke to customer service today and they told me that it was a holiday so I should expect my money tomorrow. I reminded them very clearly on the recording that today’s the 15th day so they’ve already broken their agreement.

    I expect as soon as I have on-time payments for a few months with no overdraft then they will cancel my card. They can’t make any money on people who pay this card off on time because of the low credit balance.

    Just know, it is extremely easy to get this card and if you get it then you can kiss your Credit goodbye. They make it very difficult to budget with constant payment glitches, website outages, and the ridiculous 14 days before your payment shows up as a credit, as if they were sending it through pony express. And for those who are curious… The 14 days is so that they have a chance to invest the money and make interest off of it. This is common practice for credit card companies… However, usually not up to two weeks.

    People with bad credit will put up with a lot. Don’t put up with this card.

  3. Got my card 3 months ago, paid my balance in full on time each month. They cancelled my card out of the blue, no explanation. Called customer service they stated it was due to suspicious activity on account. I ask what kind they said paying balance in full. WTF
    Won’t return my application fee either.


    • Thank you for this review. I wish I would’ve read it before I got the card. I don’t know if I would call it an out right scam or just a trap for people with bad credit. Either way, I’m in the trap now and trying to get out of it. I hope others do not follow are miss-guided footsteps

  4. I just got my Indigo card yesterday and read the reviews too late. Trusted Credit Karma and applied for what I believed was a legit credit card. Now I am afraid to activate and have decided not to after reading the negative reviews in which I only found one positive review which was probably by an employee of the company. I called to cancel and was not able to actually speak to a live person and already it says I owe $75. I am desperately looking for legal help to unbind me from this mess.

  5. brand new card issued.. cant log in, cant make a pmt, already charged me bogus upfront charges which I cant pay as I cant log in or even call them on the phone… seems as if this card was issued to merely establish bad credit procedures by me, even though I can do NOTHING to address them..

    If I can pay this off, Im cutting up and ditching this scam card, BEWARE

    • Kirk, I too have an indigo card and had similar problems, the phone number on their website sends you to a 100 dollar reward card scam, and then gives you the number for information 1800 555 1212, I Looked upthe parent company and was able to get to an actual person with my information…
      Phone: 866-502-6439
      FAX: 503-268-4711

      Correspondence address:
      Genesis FS Card Services
      PO Box 4477
      Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

      • Thank God that I read the paperwork before I activated the card .

        I cancelled it right away cut it up tossed it in the trash ! This is a rip off
        I can’t owe you $75.00 just to activate the card and $99.00 every year just to keep it plus my regular bill ,I am slow ,but not that slow !!!


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