The Home Depot Credit Card – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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  • Did The Home Depot Credit Card respond to your communications promptly?
  • What were the fees charged by The Home Depot Credit Card?
  • Did The Home Depot Credit Card give you the terms and conditions for the credit you were interested in before you gave them any personal information?
  • Was The Home Depot Credit Card helpful in assisting you with your financial needs?
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16 thoughts on “The Home Depot Credit Card – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. I have excellent credit, am a high spender, and I am a card holder with many companies. Home Depot consumer credit card by citi bank is the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered!
    Due to their own digital glitch on website when registering my card, They issued me a card that was inefficient, and I had no access to my account nor control over my card via their website. After 4 months of speaking with customer service, the bank, and going through numerous attempts to receive a working card and viewable online account, I went in physically to Home Depot. While the management was very dutiful, he ultimately had to call the Citibank to move forward. I spoke with 3 supervisors and not one of them had a solution for me. They would not allow me to close my account, pay off my bill, nor re issue me a new card because their systems would not allow them to authorize. They continually repeated the same script I was hearing for 4 months straight. We will send you a letter telling you to calm us or come in. I was thrown into an endless loop hole of following the same instructions only to get to the 3 rd step and them saying “ unfortunately, we can’t authorize this right now, we will send you a letter”.
    Thank god management at Home Depot allowed me to view my invoice, and pay my account off in full. And I simply destroyed the card since they would not fix the issue nor close the account after 4 months. I signed up with Lowe’s, who is owned by a different bank. They did NOTHING tell provide a solution and did EVERYTHING to impinge distress, problematic issues, and laborious time consuming efforts to attempt to fix their own glitches and errors in their digital system. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND DISRESPECTFUL. A middle schooler selling lemonade has given me more professional care, and better customer service than citi bank Home Depot consumer credit card agency!

    • I am having the same pathetic lack of customer service for a charge that I did not make. They are absolutely atrocious- and have no idea what they are doing. I have been in a loop and have made 9 phone calls today, I have had a dude who sounded like he just smoked a huge joint, a woman that I could not understand with her heavy accent, a fraud department woman who asked me to hold, and then never came. Another woman who was supposedly a supervisor, who said she would verify my phone number, and call me right back, which of course never happened. They can’t tell me what the charge on my account is for, and are absolutely in the dark about how their own systems work. I have remodeled a home and have spent over a hundred thousand dollars with Home Depot, and they will never get another dime of my money due to their utter incompetence…..scary

  2. i made a mistake and did not make the final payment of$14.and some change,it was a oversight on my part.when i seen my mistake i decided to change my bill to auto pay,although after the $14.i do not owe nothing.this was the first time in my life i had good credit score but because of $ score was droped 75 points,i am sorry i waslate so i setup auto pay,all for $14. dollars thanks a lot

    • That is good advice for all. Especially in these days of slow postal service delivery, it makes sense to setup an automatic payment of at least the minimum payment to avoid issues like this.

      Thank you for sharing.

  3. I had one Home Depot Card which I rarely used. Then at cehckout I was offered a 2nd card and I believe $50 off my purchase if I got a 2nd card.

    As a busy contractor I purchase a lot a home depot and many times us debit card. Sometimes I call in payments, sometimes pay on line. Anyway I called in a payment and Citibank said I had zero balance. I believe I asked her to make sure all Citibank HD cards had zero balance and she said the did. Citibank then started to bill late charges and interest. I called in and said I had been told I had a zero balance. I did pay the original amount I had purchased with this new card around $60 but told them I would not pay a late charge when I had been told there was 0 balance. They continued to add late charges on the late charge. Now it has over a $200 balance -all late charges on late charges.

    I call better business bureau, disputed it on line with credit companies and called Citi numerous times. I find out Citibank can give a person up to 5 home depot cards. What a scam! We need and attorney to file a class action suit against Citibank for this scam. Why would they ever want to give someone 5 home depot credit cards other than it makes the chances higher that someone will miss one and they can bill late charges.

    Citibank should not be trusted

  4. I had $57.99 left to pay off $3000 0% interest over two years. The last payment was late and we got $1000 interest charge and late fees. Refuse to negotiate. I have never been treated like this by a bank or credit institution. This is a scam! Stay away, it is not worth it. I am thinking of sharing this on Tik Tok to go viral and shut it down.


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