US Tax Lien Association – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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8 thoughts on “US Tax Lien Association – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. Update on my post yesterday. Good News at this point. Red Flag 2 and 3 have been corrected. Both website links are up now. I was able to register for the SF 3 day workshop and have received access to the additional free informational videos and the report. So all 3 Red Flags have been solved to my satisfaction. Listening to CDs now. Note if the information and my lifetime access to consultation is good, then is $1500 worth the education? Yes I could have done all this research myself, but I still wouldn’t have all the experience of putting information into successful action. How much do you pay for a college education? This particular education, if correct, directs one to almost immediate income. Most important thing is to tackle material seriously and take some initial small TLC purchases to see how system works. If I find I can do it, I will seek friends to get involved with me and shift the $1500 course costs to them eventually. I am concentrating on the whole course right away, because if I find it is not worth anything, I will seek a refund. Okay will keep you informed at this site. Note: I tried writing my initial post to another review site, but my comments wouldn’t post. Not censored because I just couldn’t load it. Glad this one is allowing my posts.

    • Hi thanks for the info, after U listened to the cds and attended the live webinar were u able to invest in tax liens confidently? Did they give all the information so u can do it from home?

  2. No reason for serious concern yet. But already seen warning flags. At 3 hour intensive class very impressive, also reviewed some earlier video presentations. Again impressive. TLC (or is that tender loving care) is just what I need and I have time to do at home. Signed up for everything for $1500 a supposedly discount from $4000. Can attend 3 day workshop in September in SF and received impressive package of audio CDs, DVD and CD-ROMs and binder called Tax Lien Investment Bible. Bible seems real. Need to check out other items later. Intention to be expert on Tax Liens using their material, attending workshops and using their lifetime advisory contacts for help and questions. This initial investment is for the education only. If accurate, it will be worth the investment.

    First Red Flag: was that we were told that we come get guaranteed full refund and even attend first day of 3 day full training workshops before guarantee ended. Then sign up states we have 30 day or first workshop day to request refund which ever comes first.. However, 30 days expires a few days before workshops. I signed up last and not sure everyone understood this. Anyway I insisted on special exception that was documented that I had until first workshop to cancel. I did inform them that this was a credibility issue.

    2nd Red Flag: Was told to go home and sign up for the 3 day workshop in SF online. But website doesn’t come up, only links to past events or website research. Called the contact # and did speak to someone about problem. It was late in day and they said they would contact me in morning about registration. Claimed not to know about website situation.

    3rd red Flag: Went to another website link to access some additional free bonus videos and reports ($230 value). Same problem as link does not come up.
    Will keep you posted especially if more problems.

    • Seems like these are a couple of sharpies hiding behind buttons & links on web pages which don’t work & when you resort to mail for a fix, you are redirected to a phone # to talk to sales.
      A manipulative bunch with changing prices, upsells & redirects. Watch for those red flags!! They sound smooth & credible, but watch out.
      I bought their Tax Lien Investment Bible of 8 CDs for $147 which seems OK, but has plenty of fluff in it along with some good sounding stuff. I need to go to the tax assessor’s office & the treasurer’s office to see what they have to offer before I do anything else.

  3. Former NASI client here

    Many years ago Tony Martinez’s seminar company went by the name N.A.S.I. (national assoc of secured investments). His informercial for the live seminar made sound like it was so easy. Long story short the live seminar was a pitch for a weekend seminar where he had a back of the room book&tape course for $750. Besides the course he selling lots that he bid on in Texas. I paid with a check & his flunkies said they will send out the course when the check clears. Well they never send out the course. After leaving a few messages about the course I had no choice but to file a complaint with BBB. Martinez’s attorney called offering to send the course out in lieu of a refund. I told him forget it and give me back my money. Cautionary tale for those of you thinking of going to his seminar. Its 2017 and I still hear his radio spots.

  4. I noticed that Saen Higgins is shown as business partners with Tony Martinez of http://www.ustaxlienassociatio… do you know if Tony Martinez US Tax Lien Association an extension of the John Beck Free and Clear infomercial systems challenged by the FTC?
    It appears that Saen Higgins and Tony Martinez US Tax Lien Association is also located in Sacramento California which also happens to be the location of Gary Hewitt and Doug Gravink of Family Products Wealth Without Risk and Wealth System LLC

    US Tax Lien Association
    3301 C Street
    Suite 200A
    Sacramento, California 95816
    United States
    (800) 882-0467


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