SoyLicious – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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1 thought on “SoyLicious – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. I personally will not recommend soylicious.com to anyone to work with.. Sure it is a .99 cent sign up.. I signed up,sold a 300.00 order to a friend of mine, i ordered the product,and had it sent to my home.. The order was brought to my home by ups supposedly,on the 6th of march.. I had emailed the company 4 times before the order was shipped asking for a shipment date..Michael the owner of the company never would respond and let me know a time for shipping..I was out of town from the 5th to the 9th.. When we got home there was no box of candles… I emailed Michael a week later when we had not gotten the candles and this time he responded and said he had proof from ups they had been delivered on the 6th of march.. I then responded and told him there was no candles.. He then basically told me to get lost.. He did finally after a complaint to BBB file a complaint with ups which opened up a claim, they called me asked several questions and told me there were approving the claim to contact Michael the following day and get a refund or replacement..I explained that i had paid the lady that i ordered the candles for a refund for the candles,so i just wanted a refund..She said this was fine.. I contacted Michael the following day as told..He ran for several days,then finally responded that he was doing me a favor by replacing the product and that he would not give me a refund.. I explained that UPS had told me i had a choice he then responded that UPS does not rule his business.. It has been 3 weeks now,this battle is ongoing and i still do not have my money..So unless you want to be out lots of time and money please dont go with this company..There customer service is crappy at best…


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