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Best Bankruptcy Expert Honors Awarded by 10 Best Debt

The Best Bankruptcy Expert Awards by 10 Best Debt recognize the top companies that provide legal and personal advice regarding bankruptcy. Recently, the company announced the three top firms on their list and shared why these companies made they cut.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

10 Best Debt is pleased to announce its latest round of awards for companies that excel in various areas relating to bankruptcy. One of these awards goes to the company that is considered to be the Best Bankruptcy Expert. The following is a short description of the top three candidates for this title in their ongoing list of the top 10 firms that assist clients with bankruptcy-related issues.

Number 1 spot on the list and considered the best bankruptcy experts agency is Friedman Iverson, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The professionals at this firm can teach clients everything they need to know about bankruptcy and alternatives before filing. After talking to one of the company’s experts, clients will know more about specifics, such as which assets will be protected and which will not after filing for bankruptcy.

Coming in second place on 10 Best Debt’s list is Colorado Bankruptcy Law Group LLC, located in the city of Denver, Colorado. As a top bankruptcy expert, Colorado Bankruptcy Law Group, is known for its ability to help people who are facing financial trouble and need their expertise to get their debts under control. There are many legal options available for people who are in debt, and the professionals at this firm are able to educate clients about what they can do about issues such as salary garnishments, debt harassment, and collection calls. Specifically, they are willing to schedule consultations regarding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Occupying the third place on the list of leading bankruptcy experts is the Klein Law Group, based in the city of Boca Raton, Florida. This firm has many experienced and talented bankruptcy attorneys with whom a client can consult to learn more about all of the options they have when they are struggling financially and dealing with possible bankruptcy. The attorneys will help any client achieve a better understanding of the entire process before he or she has to deal with the court system. They will tell the client about all of the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy before anything is actually officially done. It is important to proceed with caution in situations like this to avoid making matters worse, and the attorneys at this firm can help clients learn everything they need to know before dealing with the problem head on.


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