PissedConsumer.com Exposes Common Consumer Complaints About Tax Refunds

New York (PRWEB) April 07, 2015

U.S. consumer advocacy and customer complaints website, PissedConsumer.com assembled a list of common problems consumers face when trying to get their tax refunds or tax refund loans. Tips are offered to help minimize these kinds of stressful situations this tax season.

“Now is the time of year when many people count on their tax refunds,” said Joanna Simpson of PissedConsumer.com. “Sometimes unexpected problems come up, either when dealing with tax preparation companies or trying to get an advance on an expected refund. By highlighting common consumer complaints in this area, as reported at PissedConsumer.com, we hope to help others avoid the same obstacles.”

When it comes to getting a tax refund, the most common issues reported revolved around tax preparation companies, including those promoting tax refund loans. Examples include:

  • tax return paperwork and preparation costs being higher than advertised;
  • receiving incorrect eligibility information about tax refund loans;
  • not receiving adequate information about repayment options for tax refund loans;
  • being given gift cards as enticement to use a certain tax preparer, only to have the gift cards not work;
  • general customer service complaints when dealing with tax preparers.

To avoid running into these kinds of problems when trying to get a tax refund, PissedConsumer.com suggests:

  • getting referrals for tax preparers from trusted individuals;
  • reviewing customer reviews online before choosing a tax preparation firm;
  • shopping around to compare all incentives, costs, and tax refund loan terms;
  • calling ahead to make sure a specific tax or income scenario is covered by a tax preparation company’s advertised packages and fees.

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