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Suzie Orman Agrees With Me On Minimum Payments

Steve RhodeMar 16, 20091 min read

Yesterday I was watching television and this short segment on Suzie Orman came on. I’m not a huge fan of Suzie Orman but that has to do with her presentation rather than her advice. For some reason, to me, she…


This Photograph is For Janet

Steve RhodeMar 13, 20091 min read

I just answered a question for Janet and I told her I would post one of my photographs for her. I took this photograph inside a trashed and abandoned house. On the inside it was dark, depressing and scary, but…


Don’t Pay More Than the Minimums on Your Credit Cards

Steve RhodeMar 11, 20094 min read

I know this is going to sound like crazy talk but keep reading. Now is not the time to pay more than the minimum payment on your credit card if you don’t have a lot of money in savings. If…


Debt is Dragging Even Me Down, Mentally.

Steve RhodeMar 9, 20092 min read

Right now it is a beautiful North Carolina day with the sun shinning over a blue sky, birds singing and a gentle breeze is blowing. In some respects it is a tremendous day worth living. But I’ve got to be…


Getting The Boot

Steve RhodeFeb 16, 20091 min read

The Boot, originally uploaded by Steve Rhode. For some reason I seem to keep my photography life and debt advice life in two separate compartments. Yet much of my photos have grown out of the angst and pain that my…