Most Home Based Side Hustles Seem Like a Scam. What Suggestions Do You Have for Us From Your Penny Stupid Project?

Question: Dear Steve, Currently looking into partial disability due to surgery earlier this year and some chronic health issues that are preventing me from working “normal jobs,” we are dependent on my husband’s income. Still, he is also dealing with chronic health issues that are beginning to take their toll, and we are only just …

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How to Use Amazon Mechanical Turk to Make Extra Money Whenever You Want

Side Hustle Tested In 2022 we tested this side hustle with MTurk. You can read the review here. Original 2011 Post I recently read about a service Amazon provides called Mechanical Turk which intrigued me. Unlike other online sites that look for contract help, the Amazon Mechanical Turk service seemed to offer easy-to-accomplish tasks that …

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