Sales Agent Spills the Beans on Consolidation Loan Offer to Debt Settlement Sale

I received the following email which, if accurate, would support the concerns over some companies sending out consolidation loan offers only to switch them into debt settlement programs. Tipster says: “I worked for [ ] company for a few months and quit because I could not sell how they wanted me to. I have worked … Read more

Americorp Employee Blows the Whistle on Capital Debt Relief, Vortex Debt Relief, Elimidebt, The Achievable, Hess-Kennedy, Allegro Law, and IntelliDebt

I just received the following scripts and information that an Americorp employee sent to me to expose the operation of a number of Americorp related or serviced debt settlement or debt relief companies. If you have inside information you want to share send it to click here. The scripts and statements below are those of … Read more