The GetOutOfDebt.org and Steve Rhode FAQ

This FAQ page was created to help address, you guessed it, the most frequently asked questions so I had a place to point people instead of repeating myself over and over again. You caught me, I’m lazy at times.

I would imagine as this list grows, the questions and statements below will generally be from detractors that attempt to attack me. I don’t want that to give you the impression that’s the type of question I get most often.

The most common questions I get are from readers. But each on of those is different and unique and as you may know by now, my debt expert friends I answer all of those for free.

Ludicrous Lies and Vicious Rumors

  1. Q: Is it true you have a full head of hair?

    A: That is a vicious rumor and I will not stand for it. I’m balding and proud of it. The downside is I do have to wear a lot of hats in cold weather. Brrrr.

  2. Q: Wasn’t Steve Rhode issued a cease and desist notice from the State Of California for running a scam.

    A: In 2002 the State of California sent the nonprofit group I founded a cease & desist letter over an issue that involved clarification we had been trying to get for a couple of years. You can read the full story, here. There was no accusation of fraud or scam.

  3. Q: Didn’t Steve Rhode’s company steal millions of dollars from consumers?

    A: Totally false.

  4. Q: Weren’t you forced to resign from the nonprofit company you started?

    A: Totally false.

  5. Q: Didn’t your nonprofit company used to charge a $495 enrollment fee and a $200 per month “maintenance” fee?

    A: At Myvesta.org, Inc., the nonprofit group, we had a number of programs that were offered. They ranged from simple debt advice to the first ever inpatient treatment center for compulsive spending issues and money disorders. We helped people from finding a job to dealing with tax issues and managing their finances. We had a talented and special staff of experts to assist debtors with professional services. Mediations, Negotiators, Attorneys, Tax Experts, CPAs, Financial Planners, Psychologist, Lending Experts, Human Resources, etc. Some programs had fees for these professional services but no program I remember ever had a $200 a month maintenance fee.

  6. Q: Are you still running a nonprofit company?

    A: The nonprofit company Myvesta.org, Inc. closed in 2006.

  7. Q: You make millions of dollars from this website.

    A: That would be nice to make so much money helping people but the allegation is totally false.

  8. Q: You only tell people to get refunds from companies that don’t advertise on the site.

    A: False. I instruct people on how to ask for a refund if they feel the debt relief company they have been working with has not treated them fairly.

  9. Q: Don’t you profit from the advertising on the site?

    A: The site is funded by the advertising on the site. You can read all about that in great detail, here.

  10. Q: Don’t you just use the site to drive book sales?

    A: That would be kind of difficult to do since I give my books away for free. Click here.

  11. Q: I heard you make companies retain you as a consultant or give you position on their board of directors to not write bad things about them.

    A: Not true and I am not on the board of any outside company.

  12. Q: You publish reports against companies that won’t pay to advertise on GetOutOfDebt.org.

    A: Not true. Advertising is all handled by Google well in advance of any advertisement appearing on this site. Even the advertisers you may see on the site are not the same others see. Advertisements are displayed using a Google implemented and controlled formula based on sites surfed, search words, geographic area, and a bunch of other factors unknown to me. I talk about all of that and show examples in the site terms.

  13. Q: Why do you tell people to cancel their contracts with some debt relief companies?

    A: I don’t. I however will educate them about how to request a refund or deal with getting out of any company if they ask about it or it is relevant. You can read my general refund advice here.

  14. Q: You try to interfere in the contract between a consumer and a debt relief company. Why?

    A: I don’t. I have no desire to extract a consumer from any relationship they want with any company. If I do link to my refund policy or mention it, that’s generally in response to a consumer wanting to know what to do to seek resolution for a problem they’ve already had. To my knowledge I’ve never said consumers should not work with X company. But if someone comes to me and says they’ve had a problem with X company and want to get their money back I might just mention the general refund advice I give.

  15. Q: I heard your favorite colors is aubergine. Is that true?

    A: I do not discriminate against any color and value the entire rainbow of possibilities. However aubergine is not among my top picks. Some of my best friends do like aubergine and I’m okay with that.

  16. Q: Why does this site pretend to be nonprofit?

    A: We don’t. See this reader question for details on that.

  17. “Steve Rhodes and getoutofdebt.org had a previous scam Steve Rhodes and getoutofdebt.org ran of taking Old nursing home patients money as “financial advisor”. – Source

    A: Absolutely untrue.

  18. “Steve Rhodes and getoutofdebt.org takes kick backs from Damon Day.” – Source

    A: Absolutely untrue.

  19. “There are reports of Steve Rhodes and getoutofdebt.org criminal activities all over the internet and has been validated.” – Source

    A: Absolutely untrue.

  20. “Steve Rhodes and getoutofdebt.org offer no verifiable benefit beyond scamming its readers out of their hard earned money by falsifying info and baiting and switching them to products he takes money from.” – Source

    A: Since the site sells no products or services it is absolutely untrue.

  21. “Steve Rhode stands accused of exposing himself to an entire School Bus of 6th graders, in Mariposa County sources say. Local Police have Detained him, and set his bail at 30,000 dollars! Mariposa County Case # re476223”

    A: Seriously? Are you kidding me? Absolutely untrue.