We Live in Australia But Want to Visit the UK. Will Back Taxes Flag Us? – Jacqueline

“Dear Jon,

Lived in England for six months in 1998. Husband worked in a low paid job earning 12000 pounds per year, but as he was on secondment from Australia, the company paid for rent and a car for that period. They also provided Deloittes to do the income tax reconciliation at the end of the period. This was done and a small refund was received. However a year later a letter came from the UK tax department asking that he make contact with them. A second letter also followed some months later. We do not know what they wanted but have imagined that Deloittes made a mistake and we now owe tax.

My husband has not been game enough to enter the UK since this occurred in 1998. He does, however, now wish to visit England again. We are concerned, however, at the implications of doing this. We imagine he could be flagged as he enters the country and served with a tax bill and/or denied entry to the country thereby wasting all the money spent on travel arrangements etc. Can you please offer any advice.



I am assuming from what you have stated neither of you have followed-up or spoke to HMRC to inquire about the correspondence they sent, or the status of the account.

Have you heard any more from them?

Since this dates back to 1998, the chances are if there were any tax owed it was written off. Regardless if it has been written off or not, your husband would have no problem coming back to the UK to visit. Owing taxes alone is not something the border agency gets involved in.

Enjoy your visit back.



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