How Will Filing Bankruptcy in the UK Affect Me in the U.S.?

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Question: Jon, I’m a UK citizen & had good credit that I spent years building. Went to US to study/go to university, and opened up some credit cards while abroad. Debt mounted up & I lost job stateside and couldn’t afford payments anymore, and stopped paying CC’s. My question is, if I apply for bankruptcy … Read more

I Had a Student Visa But Had to Leave the UK Owing Council Tax

Question: Jon, My landlord scammed me into submitting my name for council tax exemption, resulting in the council issuing legal letters against me to payback. But I was on a student visa at that time, and due to family emergency had to leave the country immediately without getting a chance to respond to the council … Read more

HMRC Says I Owe Them Tax From When I Lived in the UK Years Ago

Question: Dear Jon, I lived and worked in the UK for about 13 months in 2014/2015. I am a UK/Australian dual citizen having spent all of my life in Australia. For part my time in the UK I was self-employed (self-assessed) and for the remainder, I was employed. Recently when going through some old mail … Read more

Can We Stop Making Payments on Our U.S. Timeshare if We Live in the UK?

Question: Jon, We have a timeshare contract in the USA since last year. We cannot afford to make payments anymore. I would like to know if I have a repossession in the USA. Would that affect my credit score in the UK? I’m a resident in the UK. Angela Answer: Angela, Help to clarify a … Read more

I Took an iPhone From a Shop in the UK But Didn’t Pay and Now I Need to Go Back to the UK

Question: Jon, I took an iPhone from a shop on monthly installment and then went abroad on vacation and never came back to UK. Now I need a police clearance certificate from UK. Will this offense be appeared in police clearance certificate? Syedasdar Answer: Syedasdar, A police clearance here in the UK is now called … Read more