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“Dear Jon,

I have studied & lived in UK from 2005 January till July 2010. During my stay in UK, I have taken personal loan of GBP 7,500 from a bank in 2007 and was paying the interest and minimum payment regularly. Until I have applied for student visa extension in March 2010. I got rejection in May 2010 and received the letter on June 2010, so according to UKBA I over stayed which I didn’t. I was deported in July 2010 back to India, so couldn’t pay back my remaining amount of approx GBP 4500.

Now in October 2016, I would require a police clearance certificate from UK. Will my bad debt in past affect my PCC from UK?

Please reply asap

Thanking you in anticipation




Are you getting a police clearance to return to the UK or to another country?

The debt itself should not be an issue for a CRB/criminal records bureau, now called a DBS/disclosure and barring service. Debts do not show up on these. So no worries there.

In addition, due to the time that has passed, the account has probably been written off, and dropped off any credit history.

If you were deported, even if it was in error, I am unsure if that may show on a police records check. You my wish to inquire with the UK Border Agency. My research shows being deported is not a crime in itself, unless you hide from the border agency, or knowingly overstay.

In many instances the person being deported cannot return to the UK for a set period of time, 5 years or so. That is why I asked if you were returning to the UK.

If you can provide me some more details, I will research this further for you.



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