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Bilkish Wants money But We Agreed to Pay The Bank in Saudi Arabia Instead

Written by Jon Emge

“Dear Jon,

I’m inquiring on behalf of my sister. 3 years ago,she made a loan to a bank in Saudi Arabia. After she finished her contract and made exit to KSA, the loaned money wasn’t paid.

Few days ago, there was this certain Bilkish company asking her to deposit 10,000SR on the 25th. However,she called the bank and they didn’t verify this company as their 3rd party collector. She contacted directly to the bank for terms of payment and was instructed to pay directly under her closed account or remittance center accredited by the bank.

She keeps getting calls from this Bilkish company, she already email them that she’s transacting directly to the bank she loaned the money.

We tried to get the contact number of the bank branch but we were instructed to call the customer.

1. Is this Bilkish collecting agency a legitimate 3rd party collecting agency? (I’ve read a lot of complaints online)

2. My sister’s account was already closed 4 years ago but she was instructed to remit the payment under this account according to the customer service agent’s instruction, how is this possible?

3. Can my sister be filed a case of not paying the debt? She’s willing to pay the loan.

4. Will she be still able to travel?



I have just a few questions to try and help me better understand your sister’s situation.

Where is she currently residing, what country?

Has Bilkish provided her any documentation that they now own the debt, or are just an agent collecting the account?

In regards to your questions, yes Bilkish is a real company that provides “debt resolution” services or collects for various banks and lenders. They should have provided your sister with some form of documentation that they are collecting the account.

If your sister has set-up a repayment plan directly with the bank, the bank needs to make the collection agency aware of this, and if your sister have any papers showing the repayment plan, she can provide them to the collection agency as well.

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As to using a closed account to make payments, I cannot answer this. Maybe the bank did not fully close the account, I don’t know. If I were your sister, I would insure any and all payments are well documented with a solid paper trail.

As to if the bank may file a warrant or court case against your sister, again, I really cannot say. I would hope and like to think, that as long as she is making payments,they would not do so.

The travel question is a tough one to answer. Different countries have different laws regarding these matters. The majority of countries in the world have no travel restrictions just because someone may have an unpaid account or debt. She may wish to seek legal advice on this.

I hope this helps, and that your sister gets the matter resolved. Let me know how she gets on, and we can advise on this more.



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  • hello sir,
    i worked previously in dubai and i hve a personal loan. suddenly i lost my job and skip my monthly payments. that time i receive calls from the bank regarding unpaid monthly bills. then one day i was hired, and worked for almost a year. that time no calls from the bank thats why we think thats my loan is close already,becaude while searching for a job, we still produce money ti pay atleast 2 months of unpaid bills. again same issue happen that i loss my job, that time i need to exit to change visa, on that matter our company PRO from my last employer found that i was filed a police case, no other way to solve this just to go to the bank and settle unpaid bills. so we produce money and settle with the bank and report to the police station to clear my case and for me to travel and be safe in passing the immigration. i even ask the duty officer that time that after i settle with the bank, i am totally clear, and he say yes! last 2016,i went back to my country and travel safe without any issue. last october of 2017 i decided to go back to dubai, again same issue, i came here without any hustle. but few days now, my sister cinracted me and asking if i still have balance with the bank because there us s oerson contact her and telling that i still have, i am very disappounted also because why is it not me that they trace, for i am directly the oerson they need to talk abd they have my complte name snd evrything. this guy even call to my sister telling that they need to be s direct contact, only 2 of them. my sister give me his #, i call this guy, first they answer and i introduce my self as the lerson tbey are looking for. but i fell he make drama, that he turned and saying “sir, we will just call you because the lerson you want to talk go toilet!” but i really want to clear things, i call many times but he is canceling and not answering,he even switch off his phone.
    one day past, a lady niw contact me saying she is frim BILKISH co., and they hve paoers for me regarding my loan in dubai, same thing i ask..i look for the documents they are telling to forward it on my email to verify, and i want to know when exactly they receive it. but she was asking for my documents to give her, for to give a recommendation from the bank. but they are not giving me any documents that they are sayingthst they receive,even the first guy…i even send email to this lady, but still no response.

    do i need to give them a copy of my settlement papers fro. the bank? do i need to trust them? what will i do? can you please give me advice? because my family is worried, specially my parents because of what this first person tell to my sister.

  • i previously worked in saudi arabia, i exited the country year 2013 and left a credit card debt amounting to 300sar approximately. after 4years, just recently a bilkish company in the philippines contacted me regarding the debt that summed up to 2380sar after the interest and asked me to pay on or before july 27,2017. i am now based in the Philippines. is it possible that i will only pay the principal amount without the interest? directly to the bank? and do i have a legal liability to the bilkish or the saudi bank if the debt is not paid? thank you

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