My Debit Card Was Stolen and Used for Fraud in the UK

“Dear Jon,

I entered U.K. on a student visa in the year Jun 2006 and had left London in the year Jan 2007. During my last month of the stay I did not really bother to locate my HSBC debit card and assumed it must be lost somewhere in the house.

My account hardly had any balance (maybe 10 GBP) in it. Later after my exit I came to know that police had come looking for me at the house I stayed last. I was super shocked after knowing that someone had inappropriately used my debit card to perform some online fraud. At that time I did not know what to do and whom to contact as I was extremely panicked. Hence I decided to remain silent as it was certain that i was not a part of any such frauds.

However since then I did not visit U.K. and now I want to visit to meet my relatives and friends but fear that i may get arrested at the airport for the fraud which i had not done. Can you please help me how do go about it.

Best Regards,



If someone else used your debit card for fraud, that in itself is not something you would face legal action for. The fact you stated the police came to your previous residence looking for you could be for many reasons. One reason may be to investigate the nature of the fraud.

Do you know the nature of what the online fraud was?

You first may want to contact HSBC and inquire as to what their records show. As it was almost 10 years ago, they may no longer have any records.

You can also inquire with the local police where you previously lived as to if there are any outstanding charges or cautions against you. I would think there would not be.

Entering the UK with old debts or bills is not an issue. If here have been legal/police charges against you, then it may be an issue. I am doubtful there will be these, as being defrauded or having someone use your debit card, is not something you have done to break the law.

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