Will I be Stopped and Arrested in the UK Over My Foreign Debt?

“Dear Jon,

I am single mom with 3 kids last year i left Dubai to go back to Romania. I left loan of 100000 Dth no paying back to the bank because one of my kids need very urgent expensive operation. Now i get job in UK i need to know if I don’t pay back still that amount in Dubai bank can i be stop in UK and arrest? thank you for your cooperation

Can I work in UK with out problem to be arrest and return to Dubai?



Just for owing money in Dubai you will not be stopped from entering the UK as long as you have valid permission to be here, such as a Visa or other documentation.

While debts in Dubai can have agents try to collect them in the UK, for debts alone you will not be stopped.

Getting a work Visa in the UK is a matter for Immigration, and to my knowledge, debts in Dubai are not an issue.



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5 thoughts on “Will I be Stopped and Arrested in the UK Over My Foreign Debt?”

  1. Hi I owe 5000 aed almost 1500dollar for credit card in UAE and I went home to get married now I am in the other country and they send me email stating that if I will not pay they will report me to the interpol.. is that possible? I’m willing to pay but after few months I told them but still they are scaring me

    • To my knowledge, Interpol only gets involved in criminal acts that involve the crossing of borders, and not banking or debt issues. Many banks use this a a threat to scare people into paying. Unless you have committed a crime, you have no worries.




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