We Had to Flee Dubai Leaving Credit Card Debt But Am I Blacklisted?


My Husband worked in a private firm in Dubai from 2012 – 2015.

Myself and my son was on residence visa as his dependent.

Due to his employer not paid the salary for more than 4 months ,we were not able to survive in Dubai and left the place abruptly with credit card due at bank.

I am certain that my husband passport must have been blacklisted as the bank would have definitely placed police complaint by now.

Now I am living separately with my son as we both are not in good terms.

I am getting an opportunity to work in Dubai now and need to know whether my passport also would have been blacklisted for a reason being his wife and lived on dependent visa 2 yrs before.

Is there a possibility of blacklisting dependent passport in UAE.Please advise.If yes, what to do to clear my passport status.




You ask a good question, and one we don’t get asked very often.

Were any of your husband’s accounts or debts in both your names, or did you have any accounts or debts you left in just your name?

You should not be responsible for your husband’s accounts, however, have you had any contact with any of the banks that he owed, or have they tried to contact you in anyway?

I would advise you to seek legal advice from someone in Dubai and also to check if any police warrants have been issued against you. I would think not, but best to check.

If you are requiring a Visa to return to work in Dubai, your employer there, or whomever is sponsoring your Visa can also do some inquiries as well.

Let me know how you get on with this.




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1 thought on “We Had to Flee Dubai Leaving Credit Card Debt But Am I Blacklisted?”

  1. dear sir !
    please give me thye advide for my case.i am an vietnamese before 2 years when i worked in dubai i has loan the the bank 100 thousand dhs and i pay everymonth from my salary till remaining balance around 35 thusand and i have t go home for emergencycase in my family and then i can not come back due to a lot of problem i my home.i can not work in anywhehe over that 2 yeas.now after 2 yeas i find a new job in north africa so i want to asking that if i traveling to turkey airport anf going to angeria will facing problem in airport by police or not.pls give the the good answer for my question .
    thanks so much


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