Bank Comes Back 8 Years Later in Dubai and Demands Payment for Paid Debt


Dear Jon,

I had a credit card debt with nbd which I settled in 2008, got a receipt and my original security cheque back.

8 years after paying what the bank asked me to pay, I had been contacted by a debt collection agency in Dubai demanding an astronomical amount based on this old debt. can they do anything since I have the receipt and the cheque.




When you mention you settled the credit card account, was it a settlement for less than the full balance owed?

Did you get any paperwork or documentation related to this besides the receipt and cheque?

Have you discussed this with the collection agency to make them aware you have paid the account, and show them copies of your receipt and cheque?

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It may be a misunderstanding.

You may need to contact the original bank or credit card company who you settled the account with to inquire as to why the account was place with a collection agency.

If you cannot get any joy through contacting the collection firm or original credit card company, you may need to seek legal advice.

There can be occasions where a debt is settled for less than what is owed, and the bank or lender somehow does not mark the account properly. Hopefully, it is just this type of mistake.

Let me know in the comments what you find out.



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