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Will I Really be Deported Because of My Debts From the UAE?

Written by Jon Emge


Dear Jon,

I left UAE in 2015 after working there for 3 years. I returned to UK. I left with outstanding debt of the equivalent of £15,000 GBP. For 2 years I have an email record of trying to make a payment plan with the bank. But they would only insist on outlandish amounts I could not afford to agree to keep too.

In 2017 I was informed by the bank that legal action would now be taken against me and they would let me know the form it would take. That was one month ago.I have been informed that the action will come in one of 3 ways. 1) Be put on red list on arrested and tried to be deported. I have checked on red list website. But told this is not a reliable source of active cases. 2) Action tried to make me bankrupt of CCJ in UK. 3)Being hounded out of a job by a debt agency with constant call. I am starting a new job soon and wonder if it worth it. The stress is very much affecting my health through anxiety. I am constantly looking over my shoulder.

Does anyone have experience of the above situation. What action realistically can I expect and not expect next.




I can understand your concerns and frustrations with the situation, unfortunately banks in UAE and other parts of the world are harsh and antiquated in their collection efforts, and their people skills.

Are you now living in the UK?

Have you had any contact from a UK collection firm?

Some of the “actions” or threats you have been told are not much to worry about, however, there is some truth to a part of it.

Being placed on a “red list”and being deported, if there is such a thing, only works if you are in that country. In some countries a warrant can be issued by a bank by them going to the police as being in debt and not paying the account, which usually means bouncing cheques, is a crime.

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If you are no longer living in that country, it is not an issue.

In many instances the person who is being chased and has possibly lost their job, had their Visa to stay there attached to their job. So once the job ended, so did the Visa to stay there.

An account from another country can be sold or placed for collection to a UK collection agency, to be collected here in the UK, in accord with our laws and rules for debts and collections. This means the collection agency here in the UK could obtain a CCJ, or possibly even make you bankrupt.

It also means you are afforded the debt management schemes and insolvency laws here in the UK to deal with the account.

Depending on what other accounts/debts you may have, and if you own any property, will determine the best option and course of action for you.

You cannot be hounded at your job by a collection agency here in the UK. You can request they stop phoning you at work, and they must abide by your request.

You have recourse if they fail to do so, complaints to the FCA, Financial Ombudsman, etc.

How much do you owe and do you have any other accounts you owe?

Do you own any property in the UK?

Debts from other countries can be included in UK insolvencies such as a Debt Relief Order, IVA and bankruptcy. However, the protection from these accounts is only for here in the UK, and for now the EU.

Just post your answers in the comment section below.




You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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