Sanctuary Belize Story Takes Unexpected Twist And Becomes The Reserve Belize

Sanctuary Belize has nothing to do today with debt relief but it did have a strong past with Andris Pukke involved. You can read all the past stories on the Sanctuary Belize saga.

I’m posting this story just to update those who have followed along with the allegations and claims made about Pukke directing money from his Ameridebt enterprise to the offshore development.

Some website named Blue Maumau is reporting the following update:

“n the March 30, 2017 decision, the Belize Supreme Court ruled Herskowitz and his Independent Owners of Sanctuary Belize guilty of defamation with malice. The Honorable Mr. Justice Courtney A. Able explained in his ruling that the court “has specifically found the evidence of Thomas Herskowitz to be evasive, and neither forthright nor credible, wherever and whenever it conflicted with the evidence of the Claimants (the SB Developer).” Furthermore, Herskowitz failed to even disclose anywhere that the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Belize (ICAB) had fully exonerated the Sanctuary Belize Developer and their PKF accountant. Instead, by not publishing the letter from the Institute and not removing the initial letter of complaint to the ICAB, he crossed a red line described by the judge as “. . . a further spiteful, malicious omission.”

The owner-funded Sanctuary Belize project had been immersed in litigation for two years with Herskowitz, who was also a property owner in the development, dealing with the damaging social media tirades and bad publicity he caused in an effort to take over the project from the current developers.”

“After the court decision, Herskowitz freely admitted in a letter, not imposed by the court, to Sanctuary Belize property owners that he had attempted to “wrest control of the project and receivables from the developer and put it in IOSB.” He also confessed that he might have “exaggerated many concerns in an effort to incite owner dissatisfaction in order to drive support to his independent owners’ association, and its pursuit of litigation for IOSB to become the developer.”

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“After the judgment, Herskowitz voluntarily recommended that the Independent Owners Sanctuary Belize board be disbanded, and that all Facebook and websites be removed for the association he formed. He also resigned as president of the IOSB and said he would no longer be active, saying he regretted posting the negative dialogues they had engaged on social media, admitting the public venues had caused a lot of strife and rancor, which in the end caused harm to the Sanctuary Belize Development.”

“Tom Herskowitz’s damage to the Belize development project did not end there. Prior to the judgment, he had manipulated the Wall Street Journal into perpetuating his damaging narrative. When the judgment came down against him, Herskowitz personally wrote a letter directly to the WSJ reporter stating, “I must further apologize that I attempted to use you and The Wall Street Journal for leverage for my own ends of advancing the Independent Owners of Sanctuary Belize’s (IOSB) position. My goal was to promote the IOSB in becoming the developer. I also instructed the IOSB members (owners in the Development) to contact you to further build a case for the IOSB, and thereby create the image of a dissatisfied community.” – Source

Somehow I suspect there is still more to this story. If it will ever come to light is a different story. So for now the saga continues under the name The Reserve Belize.

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