Revcon 2017 Dangerously Hopeful for the Debt Relief Industry

Yesterday I spoke at the Revcon 2017 debt relief conference in Las Vegas. It’s the first debt relief conference I’ve spoken at as a journalist covering the debt relief space.

Months ago Matt Hearn contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to come speak at the conference the Hearn team was putting on. I immediately said I’d love to.

The time had come for me to have an opportunity to meet and talk with people from the debt relief field today. I was really looking forward to talking to current debt relief providers who were trying to offer a great service to assist consumers in trouble.

The Cliff Notes of my presentation were I was a debtor in trouble nearly 30-years-ago and know what it’s like to face financial problems. I was a debt relief service provider in the U.S., UK, and South Africa and know what it’s like to deliver services. The current industry has no understanding of the problem past extending back to the 1950s that color the field today and companies can easily do some things better to improve the impression of the field and services delivered to consumers.

This is a great time of opportunity for providers in the debt relief field to get together, collaborate, share ideas, develop new alliances, and be professionally creative for better service to debtors in trouble.

People in the industry looking for change could rally around someone, and Matt Hearn is a perfect choice, to root out the bad actors that ruin things for everyone and hurt consumers. Then the debt relief industry could rebuild around professional services where providers deliver good customer service as a standard and work together to pool talents for the sake of the consumer in trouble.

As I stood up in front of the crowd I saw a lot of friendly faces out there, some familiar ones. A number of people seemed engaged in the presentation and were taking in the basic messages.

I was really looking forward to meeting people in the audience after my presentation and hearing what they were doing. Most importantly I was eager to shake the hands of companies and people working hard to do good things.

Unfortunately as I walked off stage I was escorted out by a security angel and moved to the nearest elevator because some threats against me had been made or overheard.

It’s a hell of an industry and the mystery is will the good companies band together to make it worthy of respect or will the industry only continue to reinforce the bad reputation it’s had since the 1950s. I don’t know the answer but remain hopeful.

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