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Debt Referral Program Mysterious Mailer Sends Up Red Flags

Written by Steve Rhode

A kind reader sent in a debt relief mailer they received from Debt Referral Program out of Los Lunas, New Mexico.

I was unable to locate any such company and the State of New Mexico has no company under that name who is registered to do business.

The vanilla mailer envelope only helps us to understand it was mailed from Boca Raton, FL with Postal Permit 1535.

The mystery company with the ever too generic name says it is located at 1400 Main Street NW Suite B, Los Lunas, NM 87031-4866.

The messaging on the mailer seems problematic in my opinion when it says, “This letter is being sent to you one last time before you are no longer deemed eligible for help by this office. Once we have been contacted, we will have authorization to restructure your open balances to $12,000 on your behalf directly with your creditors.” Sounds like a load of crap to me.

The marketing mailer seems to be selling some sort of debt settlement program. It claims to be able to settle the debt for 50% of what is owed in 36 months but makes no mention of success rates or fees as is required by the Federal Trade Commission.

The fine print in the mailer isn’t significantly helpful. It says the figures given are for illustration purposes solely, and the service may be farmed out to others including an attorney.

Overall the fine print reads more like a mailer for an attorney model debt settlement program but it is hard to really understand what the sales mailer is really trying to sell.

My opinion would be to stay away from whoever this is who can’t identify themselves.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Oh praise God! I have debit, however, I have paid more than the minimum on credit cards and never late! So I was in a panic when I received the l letter saying I owed 12,000$ and was in danger of retribution! I am now tearing this up!

  • Got this exact letter today, with only 3 or 4 minor differences. I reported it to the FTC, but not optimistic these people will get busted. It seems they’ve been doing this quite some time.

  • What a giant scam. I will admit, I did have debts, but I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy have since wiped all my debts clean with the State court house. These people have no hearts and go after people whose names appear in any public domain or where ever they can and want to steal information and data from. Some people may actually be gullible enough to contact these people and give their money and personal information out to these dirtbags. I’m thinking of contacting my lawyer who did my bankruptcy to go after these dirtbags.

  • I also received such a letter almost exactly as the one listed, with some exceptions the address is listed as PO Box 660675 # 31711 Dallas Texas 75266. The phone number is 800 583-1366. It was apparent that they were attempting to scam me. I am always suspicious of mail that list no actual physical address, and does not include the name of a person. They apparently are using different phone numbers, the letter also uses the permit from Baco Raton, Fl # 1535.

  • Got one and even a call. I’m having surgery and they said they were from the hospital.. asked for emergency numbers.. which I know the hospital has.. then asked for payment.. said it was for co pay.. I haven’t even had the surgery yet! then I get this bill the next day with the same amount the phone call asked for. With a bogus debt I do not have.. be careful with this company. Mine was from Dallas, tx..

  • I have received the same letter yesterday for $10,000 where they say that I should call the phone 800-6418466, this is definitely a fraud, be very careful, I do not have any debt. I will send this letter to the “Federal Trade Commission that protects America’s consumers” You should do the same.

  • I got one couple weeks ago – same exact as the photo only from PO Box 660675 #31711 Dallas TX 75266-0675 – glad I researched before I called

    • hi everyone – i live in souh florida and i know where this is all comming from and i am happy to intiate a conversation regarding what is the problem and possible solutions . i not an attorney – but i know about the industry.


      • hi – just wondering if it is wrong to have a mail program like this? i get mail for remortgage my home all the time?

    • I just got one today with the same address in Dallas stating I owe $16K. It made no sense since I have never had a past due balance. Glad this thread is out there for people to see!

  • Just got one sent to me in Illinois. Looks just like the image in the article. I rarely check my credit but recently had done so in the context of wanting to raise my credit limit. I wonder if they are buying lists from credit agencies of people who have recently checked credit score and using that event to make these mail pieces “feel” legit. So scammy. Envelope had Boca Raton FL permit number 1535. Mail piece used Debt Relief Center, P.O. Box 660675 #31711, Dallas, TX.

    • I just got the same one today. I don’t have any debt. Same Dallas address.
      I’m glad I searched before I actually call. It still bothers me how they have my personal information (make & address). Is there anything I could do to prevent this from happening to anybody who could fall for it?

  • We just got a second notice from this company claiming we owed $18,000. Can you say “SCAM.”

  • Has anyone looked into whether or not it is legit? Like an attempt to call to see what they are really offering?

    • Matt … They’re “offering” to rip you off! Do [not] call these scammers. If you respond they’ll know their phishing expedition has paid off–you’re a “live” one!

  • Received one today indicating it was a second request. Address is 304 S Jones Boulevard, #4300, Las Vegas, NV 89107. Glad I looked it up. It does read poorly and figured it was SPAM. Thank you for writing it up everyone!

    • I got it today same address like you
      Do not have any debt right now
      It said I had $18000 debt and can settle for $9000
      Scam mail be careful
      Check NV cooperation and business but there is no debt referral center
      Also phone number belong to other business

  • I got one today and the return address is 304 S. Jones Blvd #4300 Las Vegas, NV 89107. It is on its way to the shredder.

  • We got one today saying we have an estimated creditor balance of 15k which is NOT TRUE. We paid off all credit card debt last year. My heart dropped thinking it was legit though. Glad I found this website.

  • Just received an identical letter today except mine is from Las Vegas Nevada. Thanks for the information it saved me from a huge headache.

    • Same here, my husband just got one and i freaked out a bit thinking he owed someone $16k but then figured its most likely a scam. Same Boca FL address but company is in Las vegas… fed flag!!

  • Also got one from “Debt Referral Center” at 304 S. Jones Blvd, #4300 Las Vegas, NV 89107


  • We just the exact same letter-for $22k in debt but this one is from “Debt Referral Center” at 304 S. Jones Blvd, #4300 Las Vegas, NV 89107

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