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  • I’m currently dealing with these bottom feeders. After five years they want to give me a refund as quick as possible and clean their hands. Is anyone else fighting this battle?

    • They have given me some monies but the interest on the debts have increased. I will never get back to jmproving my credit. They made the situation worse for me.

  • Hello. My friend was served by a creditcard company which prime solution had helped her. I am looking for the number of prime solution so we can call them up. If anyone still have it please comment it. Thank you

    • Hello Daphney, there is no way Prime Solutions will help. Max. they might return couple hundred dollars and ask to work with a law firm in their contact. Then, law firm will charge from $800 to $1,200 to negotiate with Credit Card Company (or their law representative) to settle balance on the account (which is typically close to 75% of the balance). Look for statute of limitation on your state and hire a private attorney. If your friend’s statute of limitation is already expired, then defend the case (you will more than 95% succeed). Working with them will cost more money then hiring an attorney.

  • I am seriously working on suing this company. Does anyone know who the corporate certified agent is? This person is the one who represents Prime Solutions and manages the lawsuit or at least communicates to the higher ups! Send me your info and maybe we can all join in and file!

  • I read all your comments and the same thing is happening to me. How do we get our money back or bring them to court?

  • I really wish I had looked into Prime Solutions before doing any business with them. They claim to clear your debt but after 3 years of working with Prime Solutions I am being sued by 2 creditors that Prime Solutions claimed had been cleared and taken off my credit report but I continued seeing them on my credit report. My credit is very low and now I have to work on my own to build it back up in order to buy a home. If you are considering Prime Solutions do not work with them, they tell you to stop making payments but that is where I went wrong. If I would have called the credit card companies I may have been able to work something out and I would not be in this situation.

  • Prime Solution advertisement of debt validation is scam. I started program on December 2015 and they assured me of credit back in normal within 2 years which never happened. I ruined my credit from top to the lowest and even did not qualify for mortgage. Currently, I am paying 5.5% interest on my mortgage. Because of financial difficulty, I was blind and followed whatever direction they provided (stop making payment) but I am here today with ruined credit. Couple of creditors/collection agencies sued and there was not any help at all. I ended up settlement for one and consulted with attorney for face the second one. They had a good review in BBB so I trusted them but did not know companies are allowed to do business with Scam advertisement. I got my money back after a long battle from them but in a heavy costs. It would be food if we can file a civil lawsuit (not sure) against their malicious practices and falsely misguiding consumers.

  • I have also been victimized by Prime Solutions. They explained now that i am complaining about them having done nothing and making things worse for me that they are not a debt relief service which has to follow rules. They did none of this.
    I would like to tell you all that the remaining debts that you believe have been charged off are debts and inerest still accumulating.!

  • Prime Solutions have gotten me involved into the court system. Now my whole life is working at the court house and keeping track of my court dates. They forced me to file Chapter 13. I have been dealing with Prime Solutions now for three years. My credit score is the lowest in my life and I have no faith they will meet there promise to restore my credit. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

    • If he is being sued the only way to obtain legal advice would be to meet with an attorney who is licensed in the state he lives in. Do not ignore the suit or he will lose by default.

  • My son is using Prime Solutions paying monthly payment. On his credit report all is debt is charged off, but a creditor is suing him. How can they di this? Prime Solution is saying he will have to pay the debt. What did Prime Solution do?

  • After reading these other complaints about PS, I am really starting to worry. I have paid them over $24,000 over a two year period. I am still receiving letters from third party interests , so my debt is still
    Outstanding. My calls to them are few and far between. Suppose to keep in touch with me if any new details come up. Now I’m really worried as I guess I should be.
    Hope I’m wrong and that they will follow through. ????

  • Prime solutions is a fraud. They take you for your hard earned money. They need to investigate this company.

  • Do not use Prime Solutions!! They are a fraud!! Promised to help my friend and took the payments she should have been sending to the credit card company. They promised to take care of everything. She ended up loosing over 5,000.00 to Prime Solutions and also getting sued from the credit card company for non-payments. They just take your money and do nothing!!!

  • This is Debt Dismissal, Debt Validation, Document prep company. Its all the same service just using different names. They charge 31% of the debt as upfront fees. They mail letters to people.

    When you call, its an answering service, if you provide the letter reference ID, they will send a message to someone to call you back. Once give the letter reference ID, transfers you to another person that claims to be who claims they enroll people in debt mgmt programs. They enroll with Prime Solutions (,

    This company claims their attorneys will get the debt dismissed because a creditor cant validate the debt. If the creditor does validate the debt, they will instead settle the debt.

    You quit paying your bills and instead pay your payments to the attorney trust account. This is really towards fees.

    When you dispute debt with the original creditor, they CAN prove the debt is valid and almost always immediately sue the customer.

    The hope is that the account will fall 6 months behind, get sold to a debt buyer, and then they dispute the debt with the buyer. Hoping the original creditor did not pass on the proper documents to validate the debt. Original creditors almost always pass on all supporting documents when selling debt.

    The debt buyer or collector WILL be able to validate the debt. Only in a rare occasion would a creditor not pass on supporting validation documents.

    When the debt comes back as validated, the “debt dismissal attorney” will flip the customer over to the standard debt settlement program, but with upfront fee of 31% where the first 12-18 payments will go to the retainer.

    • Interesting comment. I’ve also heard “Their pitch is that after about 90 days of non-payment on a card, the credit card company sells the debt to a collection company.  But they are legally prohibited from also including personal information and the signed CC contract.  Actify says they demand to see that legal information.  If no reply (they say in 95% of the cases), they demand the debt collector drop the file, and the 3 credit companies remove the debt.  They call this an “invalidated debt.”

      It’s unclear if the consumer misheard all of that or the sales person just made it all up. Makes no sense.

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