Apparently Tim McCallan is in Jail Writing Letters

A routine check on what was going on with former debt relief bigwig Tim McCallan with his bankruptcy case seems to have discovered him in jail.

McCallan has been either directly involved in or tangentially involved in a lot of debt relief company iterations that have been shuttered or closed by failure or regulatory action.

From Hess Kennedy, Allegro Law, Americorp, Ameridebt and on and on, McCallan has been instrumental in debt relief operations that sold a lot of product and watched a lot of money flow through.

Tim McCallan has had a huge fall from grace if he is now apparently sitting in jail for any reason. It seems McCallan has fallen into the pit of an aggressive prosecutor in the Allegro Law bankruptcy case who is just not going to let go of the bone known as Tim.

According to public records, Tim McCallan wrote a nice penmanship pencil and paper letter to Judge Sawyer in an effort to be released.

McCallan writes, “I sit today in a jail cell to share my deepest thoughts in the hope that one day I will be able to be a contributing citizen in society by helping others attain their goals.”

While I applaud the sentiment I can’t help but wonder why those were not his wishes all those debt relief company iterations through the years.

According to McCallan’s jailhouse letter, he’s ready to sing and spill the beans on all the questionable activities he’s been involved with. He writes, “What is possible is to give my very best effort on a go forward basis to be truthful and provide clear answers.”

Tim’s jail cell plea is nice but he lost me with “I had major depressions over the last 8 years, a tumor bigger than a golf ball in my skull and lost all my companies which took 20 years of my life to build.” Apparently, this is all the fault of other things. – Source

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Even Jeannie Manzo McCallan wrote a heartfelt letter that may be way too personal for public consumption. Mrs. McCallan writes a letter making Tim the unfortunate victim.

Tim’s wife blames the endless iterations of debt relief debacles on Tim’s mental health, emotional instability, and the fact his companies grew too big. She says, “The real problem was, he had so many companies and so many companies that he processed for and so many employees that things grew too big for Tim to handle.”

I don’t know how this is all going to end for the McCallan’s who have been under a lot of stress over Tim’s debt relief failures. But one thing is apparent, where was the remorse in the early years when this cycle could have been broken so as not to wind up here?

Here is a look back in 2010 to the old days of McCallan’s debt relief efforts from 1993 and on.

I’m a believer in second chances and learning from past mistakes but can the argument of I screwed up, I screwed up, I screwed up, I screwed up, I screwed up, I screwed up, I screwed up, I screwed up, and I screwed up again – be a reliable defense?

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8 thoughts on “Apparently Tim McCallan is in Jail Writing Letters”

  1. I worked for Tim and I do not see the person that thisarticle is describing. I saw him as a family man who looked at the people who worked for him as family. There are always two sides to a story and keep in mind the one sided story tells you what the reporters perspective. I pray that Tim and Jeannie will keep their head up because I see them as genuine good people with a big heart.

  2. It is great to see scammers like Mr. McCallan spending time is jail. It would be even more just to see those who aided in his defrauding of the public sitting next to him. Why isn’t Joseph T Siniscalchi, his right hand man and Chief Financial Officer at AmeriCorp in the next cell?

    • Yet again, another former employee. I wonder why people like you who worked for Americorp so long ago, still care to look up anything about the company or it’s founders. When former employees post these kind of comments people understand that it’s nothing but a disgruntle employee spewing venom and probably are still unemployed.

    • Hey, dirtbag it’s Jeannie McCallan. Your comment shows your intellect and anytime you would like to discuss your comments feel free to call me. It’s cowards like you, who post comments without putting your real name to it because you don’t have the guts to do anything that matters in the real world. If you are a former employee, you were either fired for your wrong doing, stolen from the company or just a piece of garbage. Keep writing your cowardly comments because anyone with any small bit of intelligence comprehends that there is another side to the bias stories and to every incorrect comment that is posted all over the internet and Tim and I have no problem personally discussing the truth. Would you like my cell? Or how about we meet to discuss? Then you can make all the comments you’d like, as long as you get the real facts.


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