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Is This Signature One Financial Mailer Deceptive in Your Opinion?

Written by Steve Rhode

Signature One Financial is sending out a mailer to consumers that looks like a loan offer but reads like a debt settlement program. It made me curious. And a big thanks to the reader who sent it in through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

At first glance the mailer looked like just another loan offer but the part on the side of the front caught my attention since it reads so much like a debt settlement program sales offer.

Signature One Financial possibly deceptive mailer.

Other debt settlement lead companies have engaged in the personal loan pitch only to turn people into a debt settlement program so the language made me do a bit of looking around.

I found it curious that a “Financial Specialist” position at Signature One Financial in Corona California was responsible for “Consulting and enrolling clients into debt settlement programs.” – Source

Having that bit of information it made me look at the front of the mailer in a new light. Again, on first glance the mailer reads like a personal loan offer and all the language on the back is directed towards people gettings loans.

Signature One Financial possibly deceptive mailer - back.

But in reading the front messages again the fact this might be more of a debt settlement lead effort become more real.

Why would a personal loan mailer say, “all of the benefits of a debt consolidation loan without having to take out a new loan.” That’s an odd statement for a personal loan mailer to make.

Then Signature One Financial says, “Our proven programs have been helping families for almost 15 years. That’s just one reason why more than 300,000 clients have chosen Signature One!” Are they referring to 300,000 loan clients or something else. And what does “proven” mean?

As I discover these basic little things it makes me want to look around a bit more. Since Signature One Financial says they are located in California I took a look to see if they were a registered lender.

And according to the California website, they could not be found.

Signature One Financial California lender registration search.

To make matters even stranger, Signature One Financial, LLC says they are located at 4160 Temescal Canyon Road, Suite 414, Corona, CA. The State of California says there is no business under the name Signature One Financial, LLC that is registered to do business in the state.

The envelope the mailer was sent in says it came from Brooklyn, NY.

Signature One Financial possibly deceptive mailer envelope.

Can you guess what is coming next? That’s right, the State of New York has no Signature One Financial, LLC registered to do business in the state.

Signature One Financial Mailer in Your Mailbox?

If you receive a mailer from Signature One Financial it does not mean you should run away, but in my 15 minutes of looking around I found enough questions raised that I would suggest you do your own homework and ask questions before you leap.

One of the questions I’d certainly ask is if they do sell people into a debt settlement program, what are their results. The FTC has this handy information to help consumers and debt relief companies understand how performance numbers should be presented.

Here are a couple of free guides to help in your research.

If you’ve received a similar sort of offer or have done more research on the company, please post your findings in the comments below.

About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I received a mailer as well and they called immediately. Kinda aggressive, which was a warning sign for me! Told the gentleman I was no longer interested and he hung up on me! Stranger danger?

  • Signature One not only rips off consumers, they rip off unsuspecting employees. They don’t pay what they owe, the charge back the employee’s hourly wage from commissions including employer side payroll tax. These guys are scum dogs and why they’re not closed down by the feds is a mystery.

  • Hi Steve, I just received one of these mailers. I did find Signature One LLC in Corona, CA but the BBB says it’s only been in business for 4 years. I would like to point out that my offer states on the back that the interest rate ranges between 5.99 and 36%. 36% is crazy! it also says that Lenders referred to may not be able to extend credit. I thought Signature One would be offering me the credit. So I think they are a third wheel that buffers the lender so if someone defaults Signature One is responsible. They are the insurance policy sort of.

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