Can I be Sent to Jail for Missing a Dunia Personal Loan?


Dear Jon,

I have miss one due payment for dunia personal loan do they can make legal action an put me on jail as per them?

Please kindly advice me I can pay after I return to UAE but they are not listening me please

Thank you



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I would like to think that just for missing one payment, such harsh action as jail, would not be taken. However, have you spoke to the bank about this?

I would advise contacting them and working out an arrangement and advising them when you will make payment.

Why have you missed a payment? And how long before you can make-up the missed payment?

If the bank is persistent in demanding payment before you can pay it, and are indeed threatening having a warrant issued, all before you can make a payment, you may wish to see if a family member can help you with a loan to bridge the gap of time.

Let me know how you get on.



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