Converting 8.9% Variable Credit Card to 3.4% Variable Equity is Bad Deal. George

“Dear Steve,

I have $22K in credit card debt(on one card) with an 8.99% variable rate. Minimum payment is about $450/month. I have recently began to pay more than the minimum(last month i paid $1000) since I would love to pay this off or at least bring it down so my minimum payment isnt so high. I recently received a letter/offer in the mail from the bank that i have my mortgage through offering a 3.74% variable APR Choicequity line of credit.

Is it a smart move to transfer my cc balance to this?? Would this save my a lot of money and what effect would it have on me?

Thanks very much Steve 🙂


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Hi George,

I will answer your question as best I can but I first want to support your accelerated payment. It is the best way to pay off your debt the fastest.

A significantly lower interest rate is always an idea to check into. But you definitely need to consider a couple other things. First of all a variable interest rate can just as easily go sky high as many mortgage holders have learned. But I am trouble by a second issue. It appears to me that you will be transferring $22k of unsecured debt into a secured debt that I am certain is why the offer is being made. They can always raise the rate later but they cannot always get an additional $22000 attached to your house. Converting unsecured debt to secured debt is rarely a good deal for the client and I would never recommend it. Hold out for a fixed rate 3.74% without converting to secured debt and you will have too good a deal to pass up.

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I suggest continuing on your present course until that “unbelievable deal” really comes your way. You may be interested to know that a simple increase can dramatically reduce the total interest and time to pay off the debt. For example, if you have a $5000 debt at 17% interest and pay $100 per month, you will pay $11304 in interest over 40 years. That same interest and amount with a minimum payment of $25 more will reduce the amount of time to pay off the debt and the amount of interest by nearly ½.



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  1. I agree with Mike, but with a different, additional, thought. At the rte you are going, you should be able to tackle this in less than 2 years. I agree that the savings doe not outweigh the risk as you’d save little more than $1000 over that time.
    On the other hand, if you get a decent zero interest transfer offer, read the fine print, and consider it.
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