How Can I Lower My Capital One Credit Card Interest Rate? – Kelly

“Dear Michael, I’m 49 and married. Credit card is with Capitol One and I’ve had it for at least 6 years. No late payments. I don’t remember what my interest rate used to be, I think around 18%, but they raised it a couple of years ago to 24%! A few months ago my limit … Read more

Do I Need a Really Good Sob Story to Get My Creditors to Lower My Interest Rates? – Laurie

“Dear Damon, I have Lots of valid credit card debt. Is there a safe, do it yourself way to reduce the percentages on credit cards? Is calling and asking for reduced APRs doable… you need a sob story? Laurie” Hello Laurie, That depends on your definition of safe. You can certainly call your creditors and … Read more

How Can I Lower My Credit Card Interest Rates? – Richard

“Dear Steve, I have a few credit cards with high interest rates.. What can i do to lower the interest rates? Richard” Dear Richard, If you are not having problems making payments your two logical options are to: Click here for credit counseling information. Visit and consolidate your current dent into a lower interest … Read more

58 Years Old, Good Job, Want Out of Debt in Five Years. What Should I Do? – Ricahrd

“Dear Steve, I am 58 years old, married with one grown child (married and out of the household). I am employed and my wife is as well. I have a very stable position that compensates me approx. $135,000 year and I also receive a retirement annuity in the amount of $15,000/year. My wife works part … Read more

Converting 8.9% Variable Credit Card to 3.4% Variable Equity is Bad Deal. George

“Dear Steve, I have $22K in credit card debt(on one card) with an 8.99% variable rate. Minimum payment is about $450/month. I have recently began to pay more than the minimum(last month i paid $1000) since I would love to pay this off or at least bring it down so my minimum payment isnt so … Read more

I’m Making My Minimum Payments But It’s Getting Tough. – Barbara

Barbara “Dear Steve, What can I say. With the ecomony the way it is it seems that prices for everything continues to rise but my paycheck doesn’t. I am grateful to have a job but the interest rates on my cards are making it extremely difficult to balance my family needs such as, groceries, car … Read more

We Want to Get Our Interest Rates Lowered on Two Credit Cards. – Dale

“Dear Steve, We owe about $8300 on two credit cards and I want to get the interest rates lowered so I can get them paid off sooner. I do have other debts but do not want them on this. What group is the best to help on this without hurting us more and are not … Read more

Bank of America is Charging Me 27% on My Credit Card. – Melinda

Melinda “Dear Steve, I made late payments a couple of times on my Bank of America Visa card. Now my interest is at 27% on $11,000.00. I cannot afford the payment minmum that they require. Should I try to talk them into lowering my interest rate back to a something more reasonable? Does that usually … Read more

Where Can I Go to Payoff My Credit Card With a Cheap Loan? – Sarah

“Dear Steve, I have completely paid off my minor credit cards. My visa, with a close to $8,000 balance remains. My interest rate is so high, it seems my payments aren’t moving the balance at all. I want to do a balance transfer to a lower interest rate, but I do not know where I … Read more

I Want to Consolidate My Credit Card Debt at a Good Interest Rate. – Roy

Roy “Dear Steve, Trying to consolidate debt. seems there is no real help unless you default im trying to get help before I get to that point. just want a fair deal…looking for 9 to 11 % interest rate for roughly 25,000 total debt( not including 20,000 left on two car payments) I make a … Read more

I Just Got My Job Back, and I Am Playing Catch Up on My Bills. – Nicole

“Dear Steve, I just got my job back, and I am playing catch up on my bills. Between my husband and I, we have about $2800 in credit card debt. I tried calling to get my interest rate lowered, but all they said was when an offer comes aound that you qualify for, then we … Read more