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LoanCare, LLC – CFPB Complaint ID 2789024

Consumer Complaint Submission

Date Received: 2018-01-20T00:00:00

Product: Other debt

Issue: Attempts to collect debt not owed

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: In XX/XX/XXXX, my mortgage was sold from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX to XXXX XXXX. I bank online through XXXX XXXX XXXX. When I added information on XXXX as a ” New Payee ” the online information defaulted to ” LoanCare Servicing Center. ” I assumed that was an arm of XXXX and I proceeded to input 12 monthly payments to pay electronically on or around the XXXX of each month ( depending on payday ). This was done on XX/XX/XXXX.

I did n’t give it another thought until I returned to XXXX from a XXXX trip and opened a letter ( dated XX/XX/XXXX ) from XXXX XXXX indicating my XX/XX/XXXX payment had not been received. I immediately went to my online banking portal and saw that the check was electronically delivered and processed on XXXX. I called XXXX XXXX on XXXX and the Customer Service representative indicated that LoanCare Servicing Center, while servicing some of their loans, was not servicing my loan. I explained how I loaded the information via my electronic banking route and we discovered that payments were being sent to an erroneous payee. I then called XXXX XXXX to inquiare why XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX appears when XXXX XXXX is added as a payee and, essentially, was told I had made a mistake.
Unfortunately, not only had the XXXX payment been processed and cashed by XXXX XXXX, but my XXXX payment had also been processed and cashed on XXXX.
On XXXX I began the odyssey to attempt to regain the {$3800.00} that XXXX XXXX processed for a loan they do not service. I was unable to reach them on XXXX, apparently ” due to severe call volume. ” On or about XX/XX/XXXX, I made contact and a CS rep, after I had explained what happened, gave me an email address to send my issue to and to then be assigned a ticket number. At that point, I was told I ‘d be given a ticket number.
Ultimately I received an email with ticket number XXXX. This was assigned XX/XX/XXXX. The letter indicates duplicate entries may prolong resolution so I waited patiently. As of this day, XX/XX/XXXX, I remain in limbo ; however, I have called XXXX XXXX on four separate occasions. The first 10 minutes of the call typically require me explaining to the CS rep that they do not hold my mortgage and that two payments were incorrectly sent and processed by their company. The response typically is ” I ca n’t help you if you do n’t have a mortgage number or if your social security is not in our system. ” I explain again that neither will be in the system as they do n’t service my loan. I painstakingly explain that I have a ticket number and am met with the same response, which is they need a mortgage number. Then they begin to understand the situation.

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The second phone call, the CS Rep said ” I do see those payments and it looks like they went to somebody else ‘s mortgage. I ‘ll send that to a supervisor and they should be able to clear it up. Whoever got those payments must think it ‘s a great XXXX present. ” The third CS Rep ( XXXX ), was very friendly and understood that I was out {$3800.00}. However, she said she could n’t locate any loan in the system and could n’t see my payments. I explained that the prior week I had given my XXXX XXXX loan number to a CS Rep and they indicated there was a mortgage with that same number. This time, the Rep said she did n’t see that number. I gave her my ticket number and told her that files were attached showing bank statements, confirmation numbers of payments etc … using that ticket number she found my information and indicated she ‘d forward to a supervisor named ” XXXX. ” This call was on Friday, XX/XX/XXXX.

I have not heard anything from the company since that phone call.
In summary, XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX has processed two checks totalling {$3800.00} for a mortgage they do not service. The first payment was processed 60 days ago, the second over 30 days. I am asking for your assistance for an expeditious refund.

Company: LoanCare, LLC

State/Zip: TX 770XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2789024

The above data is from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Keep in mind that every company will get a complaint from time-to-time, even the great ones. But there are a few key data points that will give you an idea about how well the company values their customers and handles consumer issues.

Look at the item Company Response to Complaint: and Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: to get a better idea of how this was resolved. And the field Consumer Complaint: can give you some context of the issue.

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In particular what you are looking for was that the company response was timely and that the consumer did not dispute it. The posting of complaints has proven to be a valuable resource for both companies and consumers.

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