Can Bilkish Chase Me in the U.S. for a Debt From SABB in Saudi Arabia?


Worked in Saudi Arabia for the 2016-2017 timeframe. Got a loan from SABB. Left Saudi Arabia to come back to the United States after contract was over. Have not paid loan payment since December of 2017.

Just received an email from Bilkish stating “Due to non-payment your account has become very delinquent; purpose of this mail is to assist you in resolving the account in amicable manner in your favor. We believe that your purpose was not to defraud the bank & your intentions are to repay back you liabilities but due to unavoidable circumstances the account remains unpaid, considering your present status we will try our level best to work out the best settlement plan for mutual benefits. Please understand, however, that if we do not hear from you within 3 days from receipt of this letter, Bank shall be constrained to proceed with necessary actions to protect the legitimate interests of the Bank. We trust that you will treat this matter with your utmost preferential attention. Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.”

What actions can they take if I am no longer located in the Middle East? In order to get this loan, I was required to present a bank letter from my employer.




Thanks for the detailed information regarding your situation, however, I have just a few questions.

Do you know which office from Bilkish the email came from?

How much in total do you owe to SABB? Can you afford to set-up repayments?

Unless the account is sold or passed to a collection agency in the states, there is little if nothing the bank or collectors in Saudi can do. They have no authority in the United States.

This doesn’t mean they won’t try to make threats or take what action they can in Saudi, but to my knowledge, they have no offices or authority in the USA.

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10 thoughts on “Can Bilkish Chase Me in the U.S. for a Debt From SABB in Saudi Arabia?”

  1. hello sir i am ahmed, i have unpaid cc amount around 17k riyal with sabb due to my job loss and unpaid salary from my company, the recovery agency calling to clear my debts asap and i requested to them to give me few months to clear all debts, but they are not listening mine and they are saying that they will file legal case and travel ban against me, i am so scared about here that from them, presently i am in saudi arabia and hunting for a job, please advise me that they can make against me travel ban and case,,,,
    reply me sir.. i am waiting for your favor reply…

  2. Hello sir, I’m lhou from the Philippines but I’m residing here in US I would like to ask you about my debt loan in Saudi Arabia back 2013. I borrowed money in the bank 51000 saudi riyal. And i went for emergency vacation but unfortunately I didn’t come back to Saudi coz I’m gonna move here. And recently the bilkish financial services find my relative and fb friends and they are sending a msg that i need to pay my debts. My concern is I’m going back home ( Philippines) for a vacation and there is a possible that they can hold me in the airport not to come back here in US?

    • Hi Lhou,

      To my knowledge owing a debt in Saudi and travelling to the Philippines and back to the US should not be an issue. Immigration and travel Visas do not get involved in owing a debt or civil matters.

      You can always inquire with Immigration.

      Do you hold duel citizenship or two passports? This just makes travel between the countries easier, and again, there would be no problems just from owing a debt.




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