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Receivables Performance Management, LLC – CFPB Complaint ID 2962776

Consumer Complaint Submission

Date Received: 2018-07-14T00:00:00

Product: Other debt

Issue: False statements or representation

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: In XX/XX/2018, I notified XXXX that I wanted to terminate my account and cell phone service with them on XX/XX/2018 ( the XXXX of each month was when my billing cycle ended ). I stopped using my XXXX wireless number/device in early XXXX because I opened a new account and number with XXXX XXXX XXXX. I received a bill from XXXX in mail dated XX/XX/2018 with a balance of {$180.00}. The statement stated ” This is your final bill, and it reflects all charges through XX/XX/18. ” I tried to make a payment online, but they had deleted my access to my online account, which surprised me.

Five days later, on XX/XX/2018 I received a letter in the mail from a collections agency, XXXX XXXX, XXXX on behalf of XXXX. They said I owed {$180.00} and that they were a debt collector. My XXXX account was not even 30 days past due. In early XXXX, I made a payment for about {$220.00} to XXXX. About a week after that payment, I made a second payment for about {$78.00} to XXXX. The second payment of {$78.00} was returned however, because when I made that payment ( I used my checking account ) I accidentally typed an extra zero onto my checking account number. Even with this payment snafu in XXXX, my account was still in service and since I was closing the account in XXXX, I told XXXX that it was a mistake and given my account was winding down that I would pay that {$78.00}, any late fees, as well as my final month ‘s charges in one payment after I received my final bill in XXXX. One of the reasons I left XXXX was because their billing practices were not transparent. I was tired of never knowing what I was going to be billed for each month, even though I had a {$50.00} phone plan.

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I did not pay the {$180.00} because I didn’t think it was fair ( or legal ) to send me to collections only five days after XXXX sent my final bill. An agent at XXXX told me that XXXX told them that my account had been 90 days past due. This is a lie. My XXXX payment proves this. So I Then earlier this month, another collection agency, Receivables Performance Management LLC contacted me on behalf of XXXX stating I now owned {$530.00} for my wireless bill. The letter was dated XX/XX/18 and it was delivered to my mailbox on XX/XX/XXXX. The letter demanded full payment by XX/XX/XXXX. It did not provide any details about this new {$530.00} balance. I called them for information and they couldn’t give any details as to why I owed so much. I called XXXX five times between XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX. Customer service agents kept telling me they ‘could n’t see any information about the charges since the account has already been handed over to a collections agency. ” Two customer service agents told me they were transferring my call to a XXXX manager on their ” executive team ” to further assist me. But they didn’t – instead they transferred me to the collection agency ‘s main customer service number.

I called XXXX again today to see if I could get some information on this bill. An agent said I now owe more than {$700.00}, but he couldn’t see what those charges were for. The customer service agent hung up on me when I began to ask if I could speak to a manager or supervisor.

XXXX lied in order to send my account to a collections agency FIVE DAYS after I received my final wireless account bill. No one can give me details for why my balance went from {$180.00} to over {$700.00}. And Receivables Performance Management says that without full payment they will negatively report this account to my credit reports in a couple of weeks.

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Company: Receivables Performance Management, LLC

State/Zip: CO 801XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: No

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2962776

The above data is from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Keep in mind that every company will get a complaint from time-to-time, even the great ones. But there are a few key data points that will give you an idea about how well the company values their customers and handles consumer issues.

Look at the item Company Response to Complaint: and Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: to get a better idea of how this was resolved. And the field Consumer Complaint: can give you some context of the issue.

In particular what you are looking for was that the company response was timely and that the consumer did not dispute it. The posting of complaints has proven to be a valuable resource for both companies and consumers.

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