Pure Solutions Debt Consolidation – Consumer Complaint – September 14, 2018

Consumer Statement:

In 2013; I was advised by Pure Solutions Dept Consolidation that they would dispute and reduce my debt of $24,000 to Bank of America which would be lowered to $8000 and if I have received any letters from B of A, simply forward it to Pure Solutions Dept Consolidation.

I am a twice cancer patient; first time on 2010 and second time on 2012. I have had great credit scores but due to my illness, surgeries, chemo, radiation treatments and not working; I fell behind on my bills and once I contacted Pure Solutions Debt Consolidations, once I heard they would help me to reduce the amount, not only I was greatful but also I was crying of joy. I started my payments to Pure Solutions Debt Consolidation nearly $400 per month until my last payment in 2015.

In 2016; I was served with Bank of America and I appeared with an attorney which I have paid $1700 to help me out and I was told that Pure Solutions Debt Consolidation did not give Bank of America any payments.

My attorney contacted Pure Solutions Debt Consolidation and my call and concern went all the way up to a supervisor who told me to email him my request for full refund and it will take 90 days.
I have sent several emails but no responses ever since.

I have tried to call over and over again but I did not get any answers to the point that the phone numbers would not work any longer.

I can not believe that I was treated this way and Bank of America needs me to pay them.

I regret not paying Bank of America to complete my payments to them and not facing the court and jepaerdizing my good credit.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have tried to call and email Pure Solutions Debt Consolidations (855)332-1063, but I am not successful to contacting them any more nor getting my money back from them!
Please reply back to me, what should I do? I appreciate it.

Date This Problem Happened: May 1, 2016

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $8,000

Company Name: Pure Solutions Debt Consolidation

Company Address:

2764 N. Green Valley Pkwy #380
Henderson, Nevada

Company Telephone Number: 855-332-1063 888-348-3755

Website of Company:

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