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LoanXpress – Consumer Complaint – February 1, 2016

customer service feedback

Consumer Statement: I went to Remington college back in 2007 and I’m being sued by a place called loan xpress the college financial aid department has no file on this loan only loans I have are usa and navient. LoanXpress is suing me for 5000 dollars I need to speak with someone asap please and thank you. Consumer Action Taken: ... Read More »

    Cockburn & Associates – Consumer Complaint – January 18, 2016

    customer service feedback

    Consumer Statement: A little over a year ago I contacted online Cockburn and associates to do a Debt solution on two credit cards ,I was to pay 311.47 a month for three years , I was to recive phone calls monthly to update me and to help any questions I had this went on for most of the year , ... Read More »

      Merrick Bank – Consumer Complaint – January 11, 2016

      customer service feedback

      Consumer Statement: I have had an account with Merrick bank for years. I get my bill in the mail every month, despite signing up for electronic invoices and I pay my bill on time every month. For several months I have been receiving emails from them stating I needed to click on the link to verify my account as they ... Read More »

        Advantage Student Loans / Student Assist Plus – Consumer Complaint – January 6, 2015

        customer service feedback

        Consumer Statement: I am a recently Graduated college student. And back in December 2014 I received a “Loan debt Forgiveness” through a company called Advantage Student Loans, as well as Student Assist Plus. This sounds great, but I was charged an outrageous fee from the beginning around the sum of $599 to start any of the process and was asked ... Read More »

          World Law Group – Consumer Complaint – January 6, 2016

          customer service feedback

          Consumer Statement: I’ve invested about $14,000 in World Law Group to help fix my credit. I have paper work to prove I was robbed. Consumer Action Taken: I’ve tried contacting the company by email, phone, fax. No one knows anything. I just want my money back. Date This Problem Happened: State You Live in: Virginia Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino Age ... Read More »

            LegalWing / Brian Colombana – Consumer Complaint – January 6, 2016

            customer service feedback

            Colombana Files Error Report Brian Colombana sent in the following error report regarding the consumer complaint submitted below. “Everything is wrong with it. It was published by an ex colleague that I evicted from his residence so he’s fabricating information to get me in trouble with authorities. I’ve filed a lawsuit against him and your organization but I do not ... Read More »

              Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – December 28, 2015

              customer service feedback

              Consumer Statement: In 2012, we were scammed by Estate Law Group. They promised to reduce our mortgage payment. They charged us $4,000., but we realized it was a scam and only paid them $3,000. The bottom line is, we’re still out $3,000. Please tell everyone not to deal with this group. Consumer Action Taken: I asked several times when our ... Read More »

                NSLAC National Student Loan Assistance Center – Consumer Complaint –

                customer service feedback

                Consumer Statement: I was in contact with the NSLAC–National Student Loan Assistance Center–about loan forgiveness options. I sent them over all of my personal information as well as the fee they requested and have never been able to contact them again. Consumer Action Taken: I have sent a number of emails and tried every phone number offered and never gotten ... Read More »

                  Western Portfolio Assets – Consumer Complaint – December 18, 2015

                  customer service feedback

                  Consumer Statement: I received a call from an Anthony from “Western Portfolio Assets” yesterday stating that I was being charged for fraud on an old bank account, that they were going to serve me papers at my place of work, basically threatening me. Because I was so scared, I put down a payment of $1000.00 to stop them from coming ... Read More »

                    Payday Loan Debt Relief – Consumer Complaint – November 30, 2015

                    customer service feedback

                    Consumer Statement: I enrolled in a payday loan debt consolidation to pay off 6 lenders @ $300 each. They withdrew $390 for 6 months including a fee for $195. After 6 months, I received a closure letter but also received a collection notice from one of the lenders. The manager at the consolidation company told me all had been paid ... Read More »

                      TFSC Group – Consumer Complaint – November 21, 2015

                      customer service feedback

                      Consumer Statement: I was sent a letter from TFSC Group which stated I should call them to access help with student debt. Upon calling I was directed to Rene Fernandez. He stated that the program was the result of recent legislation and I was lucky to have called because of the limited slots available and the once his company moved ... Read More »

                        National Secure Processing – Consumer Complaint – October 27, 2015

                        customer service feedback

                        Consumer Statement: I filed for a loan consolidation with Nelnet in September of 2014. Payments of $44.08 have been held out of my account for the past year but I just recently found out the payments were not held out by Nelnet. They are being held out by a company called National Secure Processing. I have done some investigating and ... Read More »

                          Jacob, Johnson & Associates – Consumer Complaint – October 19, 2015

                          customer service feedback

                          Consumer Statement: I received a phone call on October 15, 2015 If I was T**** when I said yes she asked if I was going to be home the next day from 9-4 because I was going to be served court papers and needed to sign for them. I told her I would not be home. I knew other family ... Read More »

                            Jacob Johnson & Associates – Consumer Complaint – October 16, 2015

                            customer service feedback

                            Consumer Statement: Received a phone call from 1-213-217-9999 to call another number (1-844-422-3693) with a case number (2015-341788C). Once I called this number they said I had a payday loan that I used a bad check to pay on through Personal Cash Advance in November 2013. This Jacob Johnson and Associates had all my personal information (D.O.B., Soc. #, Old ... Read More »

                              Consumer Protection Counsel – Consumer Complaint – October 9, 2015

                              customer service feedback

                              Consumer Statement: Joined a program called Consumer Protection Counsel back in June/2014. Which now I believe is doing nothing for me. They claimed that they would help me resolve my debt issues. They were charging me 374.00 monthly. On October 2nd a hold from the court placed a levy on my bank account since the I have been able to ... Read More »

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