Walmart, Facebook, Backbyte, Cloud Brain Games Scam – Consumer Complaint – June 14, 2022

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: Facebook. I should know better but I read the reviews (uuuugh just good ones). I just got charged $1.00 I believe. I just don’t want them to get more money. Consumer Action Taken: I haven’t tried because I just immediately came to you guys to see if you could tell me what to … Read more

Litigation Practice Group – Consumer Complaint – April 25, 2022

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: After enrolling in Litigation Practice Group for their “debt relief” assistance, the company incorrectly withdrew $480 out of my checking account on April 8, 2022. I immediately contacted them upon noticing this error. As a single mom, in between jobs, this amount of money is very critical to me. On April 8th, a … Read more

Direct Relations – Consumer Complaint – February 25, 2022

Consumer Statement: Crystal from direct relations financial company (866-598-9488) called and claimed they would consolidate 2 of my credit cards (mercury and capital one) onto a new 0 percent interest Citibank Master card. On 11/22/21 I received a text telling me to activate the Citibank card, but I had never received the card or any … Read more

National Student Servicing / Student Loan Care – Consumer Complaint – February 15, 2022

Consumer Statement: Re: National Student Servicing Contract # FAFSA Case# I am writing to seek assistance in getting reimbursement and prevent this company from damaging my credit. This company is running a student loan forgiveness scam, the company in question has several business names, the two names that the company is associated with is National … Read more

Elite Financial Solutions – Consumer Complaint – January 24, 2022

Consumer Statement: As advertised, Elite Financial was supposed to negotiate with my creditors; come up with a reasonable settlement amount; present it to me for acceptance or renegotiation, and then payment from my escrow account funds. Never happened. They always told me over the years I was in the program, that they were in contact … Read more

Placencia Healthcare System – Consumer Complaint January 11, 2022

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: We went to a presentation by Mr. Richard Chrysler who informed us of this Placencia Health Care System. He wanted us to invest and would payback in 5 years the investment with 12% compounded interest or we could keep shares in the company. It’s now 7 years and all the money is gone … Read more

Placencia Healthcare System – Consumer Complaint – January 10, 2022

Consumer Statement: We were introduced to former Congressman Richard Chrysler and his friend Forrest Bledsoe. Chrysler is also a neighbor and had this great opportunity, to invest in the Placencia International Airport here in Belize ( See Marco Caruso) he reassured us that the airport was a great investment and that he had invested with … Read more

Cryptonits and Dualmine – Consumer Complaint – December 3, 2021

Consumer Statement: I feel frustrated and robbed Consumer Action Taken: I messaged them many times saying I want to withdraw my money but they replied saying that I don’t have the minimum withdrawal amount. Which is bigger every time Date This Problem Happened: December 1, 2021 State You Live in: Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 21-35 … Read more

Mega Millions – Win Star Commission – Consumer Complaint – November 4, 2021

Consumer Statement: James miller claim I won (2800,0000.00 USD), I called this phone# I was given 1888-532-1009 and gave access code 0479 it is statement that 2800,0000.00 dollars is in an account in my name Johnie Mae Jackson pending until I pay or give them 8500 dollars for an affidavit stamp of approval before this … Read more