Credit Card Company Put Someone Else’s Name On My Account- Help – Heather

“Dear Steve,

Discrepencies on credit report and credit card mess. Question The cc company accidentally put someone elses name on myaccount. I couldn’t have access to the account while they investigated and when the reopened it there were tons of late fees and penelties. It was not my fault. Someone opened a lot of credit using my info, need help managing debt, lowering percentages and general navigation.


I asked my friend Mike Killian to answer your question for you. I wanted to make sure you got an answer as quickly as possible as I’m a bit backed up at the moment. I’ll be watching the comments on this question and be around to help if you need me.

Dear Heather,

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I am not completely certain I understand what happen. Where did all the late fees come from? Who was investigating? Were you able to make payments on your debt while they were investigating? Was it your debt? I am feeling a little week on the information you offered.

The key to unraveling all this is communication with all the parties concerned. Get some documentation from what happened in the form of statement of facts to include no access and the end result of late fees. Present this to the CC company. If they will not assist inform them you will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission and US District Attorney as well as any press who will listen. But don’t just threaten… do it if necessary. Hopefully they will find it easier to take care of the late fees then deal with the bad PR. Make certain you document everything.

Please let us know more information to see if we can offer any more information.



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